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Windmill permitted; Buckskin Plains; Pitchfok PUD; Targhee Hill Estates conducts Fiscal Impact Analysis; Heritage Peaks not heard

At this Planning & Zoning meeting, the commission recommended for approval four subdivisions totaling 295.26 and 206 housing units.

Windmill recommended for approval
The commission recommended approval of a conditional use permit (CUP) application to install a windmill on an 11.51 acre parcel outside of Victor, currently zoned A-20. The tower of the windmill will be 33 feet high with three 6-foot rotating blades. 

Buckskin Plains
The commission recommended approval of the preliminary plat for this conventional 2.5 acre subdivision located on 58.29 acres outside of Victor, near Fox Springs. Because this property is located in a low-lying, wet area, and the surrounding developments were required to complete a nutrient pathogen study (NP study), the commission discussed whether an NP study be conducted for this development. The motion to require an N-P study failed 5-1. 

Pitchfork PUD water question
The commission recommended approval of the preliminary plat for this 31.99 acre planned unit development (PUD). VARD commented on a procedural matter regarding the water right situation on this property.  In this case the question was whether there was sufficient water to maintain the open space as presented in the developer’s open space management plan. This discussion points to the importance of development’s having alternative open space plans, such as dry farming, in places where they have a junior water right or otherwise may not consistently have adequate water supply.  The commission opted to remove references to irrigation and water rights from the project description before approval.

Targhee Hill Estates PUD Preliminary Plats II and III
The commission unanimously approved the preliminary plats for Phases II and III of Targhee Hill Estates, which is located along Stateline Road and includes part of the Teton Creek corridor. 

The developer had prepared a fiscal analysis of impacts to the county that would result from the development of Targhee Hill Estates. VARD reviewed this analysis and determined (in cooperation with the developer) that the final numbers included the wrong multiplier.  The developer willingly agreed to meet with the County Clerk to update the figures used in the analysis. 

The fact that the P&Z required the developer to conduct a fiscal impact analysis is an important step in ensuring that development pays for itself.   Because this is one of the first attempted it is not surprising that some of the numbers were difficult to pin down.  Over time and especially after the county Capital Improvements Plan is complete, fiscal impacts will become easier to calculate and more accurate, to the benefit of both the developer and the county.

Heritage Peaks
Although originally scheduled for this meeting, the Heritage Peaks Preliminary Plat was not reviewed.



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