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Willows PUD Replat

Driggs P&Z Tables Willows Plat Amendments

The Willows is a 25 lot planned unit development (PUD) that was originally platted along both sides of Teton Creek back in 2009. Stalled out with almost no infrastructure built except the sewer line and berm along Ski Hill Road, the developer approached Driggs with a new proposal to reduce the number of lots from 25 to 22, increase the lot setbacks from the creek, and eliminate the bridge over Teton Creek – all in exchange for a 12-year extension until 2023. This project was originally submitted to the Driggs P&Z in January of 2006, where it was recommended for denial based on flooding and environmental concerns. After several revisions and hearings, this PUD was finally approved June 12, 2008. However, the plat was not recorded until June 2009 after the developer requested a 6-month recordation extension.  The development agreement just expired on June 9th.  

There are several issues at play here. First is the floodplain – several lots are platted in the floodplain.  P&Z voted to table the application to observe this spring's high-water flooding events to see how the property is impacted. Secondly, is process. This PUD is located in the Driggs Area of Impact, which is under the county’s jurisdiction, but is controlled by Driggs ordinances. As you may recall, Teton County recently adopted a replatting ordinance with a redesign process and incentives for defunct subdivisions to significantly reduce their number of lots, significantly decrease environmental impacts, and significantly reduce governmental costs. Driggs has not yet adopted such an ordinance, so this application may have to be processed as a brand-new subdivision. Finally, there is the issue of policy. Driggs ordinances only allow for a discretionary 1-year extension of time to finish a development. The request here is for 12 more years. There are also remaining questions as to the validity of how the plat was recorded in the first place as it was not recorded by the county’s deadline, and bonded for pursuant to the development agreement.

Click here to read VARD's June 8, 2011 comment letter.

We will keep you posted on what happens next.

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