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Village at Victor Mountain Retreat, Small annexation approved, Copper Ranch Final Plat

In this issue:
The Village at Victor Mountain Retreat: Travis Thompson Commercial/Mixed Subdivision Site Plan Review
Small annexation granted
Copper Ranch Final Plat

The Village at Victor Mountain Retreat Commercial/Mixed Subdivision
Travis Thompson presented an initial site plan as well as architectural renderings of the Village at Victor Mountain Retreat, which will be located approximately at Cedron and Highway 33, on the Northwest corner of the intersection.  Mr. Thompson proposed a site for a supermarket, a cinema, a bank building, and 9 large commercial/residential buildings.  This development will surround the recently approved Teton Lodge and Outfitters.  VARD’s issues of concern: 1) the overall size of the project with over 90,000 sq. feet of commercial space and the impacts that it will have on downtown Victor, 2) the nine 15,000 and 10,000 square foot buildings all will have the same architecture.  The Council looked favorably on a height-limit waiver to accommodate the 44-foot tall pitched roofs.  And 3) the proposed supermarket is pulled back from the highway with parking in front which will have detrimental effects on the streetscape and entrance to Victor.  

Small Annexation
Tom Guheen of Victor requested annexation for his property on Cemetery Road.  The 5+ acre lot is well served by roads and city services, is surrounded on three sides by land already within the city, and is close to downtown.  VARD’s Ian Tuttle spoke in favor of the annexation because it adds to a cost effective compact community design.  P&Z recommended to City Council that the property be annexed and the Council voted unanimously to annex it and zone the land R1, which is the lowest density residential.

Copper Ranch Final Plat
Copper Ranch, a mixed-use, “new-urbanist” planned development a half mile north of Victor on Hwy 33, was approved.  The project has been struggling through the approval process for over two years.  The development group hopes to begin construction this summer on the 276 units.  These units will bring the total number of approved or pending units awaiting construction in Victor to 2,185, which, using the average of 2.9 people per unit, could raise the population of Victor to approximately 7,500 people (nearby Jackson, WY, has around 8,500 residents).


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