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Victor Open House

From 8:30am-8:00pm on Wednesday, March 19th Victor held an Open House in which the public was invited to learn about the proposed TND Overlay Zone, the proposed expanded Victor Impact Area and the possible new addressing system. The Victor staff was pleased with the turnout and reported that they had more attendance and input than they received for the Comprehensive Plan meetings. VARD has a few outstanding questions about the Impact Area including questions about what the appropriate densities would be for the Impact Area and how the Impact Area could best serve as a transition area between the city and county. Additionally, while VARD is in favor of many aspects of the TND, VARD believes that employing technology such as Community Viz would enable citizens to give more helpful input on the TND. Community Viz is a technology that shows in  3-D what a development will look like. Since developments under the TND zoning would be considerably more dense than existing Victor developments, it may be helpful to the public to see how this would look using Community Viz.


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