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Victor Mountain Retreat (Commercial Subdivision), Main Street lot split, Small Annexation

Commercial Subdivision Site Plan Review

Travis Thompson presented his initial site plan for the Victor Mountain Retreat commercial and residential development just northwest of the city.  The proposed Victor Mountain Retreat will surround the planned Teton Lodge and Outfitters with four 15,000 square foot commercial/residential 3-story buildings and six 10,000 square foot commercial residential 3-story buildings, along with various other commercial buildings for a total of commercial space in the vicinity of 315,000 square feet.  On site will be a lot tailored for a supermarket and another lot for a movie theater.  The planning and zoning commission reviewed the detailed rendering that Mr. Thompson presented.  The commissioners were grateful for the images, and expressed a few initial concerns.  First, the design of the building is very contemporary (one commissioner called it “trendy”), and since the building will be replicated on approximately 10 lots, the commissioners had reservations about certain design elements.  Second, the supermarket site, as laid out, situates the parking lot along scenic Highway 33, which is not in line with the city’s desire to line Main Street with store fronts rather than “seas of parking.”   Broulim’s, in Driggs, was cited as an example of what the city does NOT want.  Third, traffic and through-roads were discussed .  Fourth, proper and attractive signage was brought up.  Currently the city has no design standards for “monument signs” (free-standing signs listing several businesses) .  The commission asked if Mr. Thompson could help draft a sign ordinance.

As this is a major development that will have a tremendous impact on the character and layout of Victor, we hope that Victor residents follow this development throughout the process.  The next major meeting will be a Public Hearing on the subdivision.  We will keep you posted to when and where.  Preliminary plats are available for public review at Victor City Hall,  787-2940 .

Downtown Lot Split

Fletcher White, representing the 747 Club LLC, proposed a lot split for the corner lot at Main and Birch Street, to the north of Main Street Park.  The lot split was approved.  Ian Tuttle spoke for VARD in favor of the lot split.  Tuttle spoke to accommodating appropriate lot splits to increase density downtown and encourage Main Street development.  Additionally, First Bank of the Tetons presented a sketch plan for a new branch to be constructed on the lot.  Two options were presented: the first situated the bank building fronting Main Street, and the second fronting Birch Street.  The P&Z commission discussed both and favored the Main Street option for two reasons; 1) the Birch Street option required traffic to exit onto Main Street, posing a potentially dangerous safety problem, and 2) by facing the bank to Main Street a more cohesive and attractive streetscape is created which is in line with the city’s vision of downtown, as stated in the Comprehensive Plan.

Small Annexation

Tom Guheen of Victor requested his 5.35-acre lot, located across Cemetery Road from Mountainside Village, to be annexed into the city.  The applicant stated that he is not interested in subdividing the lot himself, but that he intends to sell it to a developer who likely will.  VARD’s Ian Tuttle spoke in favor of the annexation because the lot is currently surrounded on three sides by the city, has adequate access to roads, water, and sewer and promotes a compact city design.  Mr. Tuttle also acknowledged that there are languishing issues in Victor that need to be addressed to ensure orderly and fiscally responsible growth, particularly relating to sewer capacity, staff capacity, and the lack of a Capital Improvements Plan, preferably before or concurrently with future annexations. Since the beginning of the year there have been six annexations totaling seven hundred and eleven new units in Victor, which equates to a population increase of over 2,000 people.  This is in addition to approximately 1,200 units already platted but not yet built, equating to a grand total population increase of almost 6,000 people.


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