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Victor Impact Area heads to the commissioners

For several years now, Victor and Teton County have been negotiating an impact area agreement for management of the transitional areas where the city meets the county. Clarity and cooperation between both entities is critical to ensuring effective management of this strip of land encircling the Victor city limits. On behalf of Teton Springs, Jon Pinardi spoke in opposition to the resort being included in the impact area. Teton Springs’ attorney Dale Storer further argued that including them in the impact area was the first step towards Victor annexing them. He warned that this would bring on yet another lawsuit between Victor and the Springs.

VARD commented that the language in the agreement should very clearly state how applications for things like CUPs and variances should be processed and enforced to avoid any future confusion. If Victor rules apply, then Victor should have the job of enforcement – and vice versa for the county. A system for the collection of fees is also necessary to ensure the both entities are adequately compensated.

After some discussion about whether Teton Springs should be included in the impact area or not, P&Z voted to recommend approval as presented with Teton Springs located within the impact area. Commissioner Arnold voted against this recommendation because he thought Teton Springs was already built-out and should not be included.  


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