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Victor impact area expansion request remanded back to P&Z

Victor Impact Area Expansion Request Remanded
Victor’s impact area expansion request has been in the works for over a year. It has now been remanded back to the P&Z so that the previously mandated joint meetings between P&Z and Victor will finally take place. Victor originally requested the impact area expansion in an effort to protect its watershed in the wake of the large number of wells and septic systems being installed in close proximity to Victor, but under the sole jurisdiction of the county. With the expanded impact area, the city plans to implement stepped-down zoning (zoning that gets progressively less dense the further out from the city it gets) in the impact areas since they don’t like the current county zoning in those areas.  The city is also planning to build its own sewage treatment plant to protect groundwater.

The BOCC was troubled that Victor does not yet have zoning ordinances to cover the expanded impact area. Without the underlying stepped-down zoning in place, there is no mechanism to prevent increased development within the impact area. Commissioner Young also vocalized his frustration with the Planning & Building office and the poorly constructed record which made it impossible for the BOCC to make a decision on this issue. Notably: there was no record of all the prior proceedings, the office packet was incomplete, there was no analysis done by the Planning staff, the P&Z minutes from January 8, 2008 were not understandable, and there was no map geographically depicting the P&Z’s earlier recommendation. The city of Victor also expressed frustration with the inaccessibility of the county planning administrator and the reluctance of the county to set up the mandated meetings to hammer out this process. This lengthy discussion on all of these frustrating procedural lapses will hopefully ensure that Victor and the county will now sit down and work out the details for how the city’s impact area may be expanded to protect the valley’s headwaters.     


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