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Transportation Open House; Trail Creek Acquisitions Sketch Plan Review; and Wrangler's Ridge Final Plat

Victor holds Transportation Open House

What’s Happening? Victor has launched a project called Envision Victor that will span at least the next two years. Envision Victor will invite Victor residents to articulate the heart and soul of Victor. Those stories, places, and values will be used to shape Victor’s growth and will contribute specifically to finalizing design work for Victor’s downtown core.

As part of the Envision Victor project, and related to the Heart & Soul Community Planning award, Victor has engaged Landsman Transportation Planning, LLC, of Portland, Oregon. Landsman spent Monday afternoon meeting with the Victor Transportation Advisory Committee and area stakeholders. They then hosted a two-hour open house in which Victor residents were invited to give input as to where and how transportation improvements could be made. The transportation plan will focus on the following elements:

– Street Connectivity: devise new ways to connect and expand Victor's network of streets.

– Speeding on Main Street and other streets: work with ITD to reconcile local needs and desires with State Transportation requirements and regulations.

– Main Street and Center Street: design guidelines including intersection treatment.

– Parking: develop and implement safe and creative public parking strategies in the downtown core.

VARD applauds Victor for engaging citizens to strengthen Victor's unique sense of place.

What happens next? The next meeting of the Local Heart and Soul Advisory Committee will take place Tuesday October 21 at 8:30 a.m. at Victor City Hall. It is open to the public.

Trail Creek Acquisitions goes to Sketch Plan Review

What’s Happening?  Trail Creek Acquisitions is the first proposed development to meet the new Traditional Neighborhood Design Overlay standards. Located on 22 acres to the south of Trail Creek Springs, the proposed development would have 105 principal dwelling units.

The proposed development places compact development with a mix of housing types within walking distance of Victor’s downtown core. The landscaping and sidewalk features make the development pedestrian friendly.

The city staff’s primary concern was that the architecture and the quality of the units be improved. They also discussed improving the access to the property, changing the name of the development, and creating refined CC and R’s. They further requested that the FEMA floodplain lines be included on the plat as well as any proposed revisions to the flood plain so that the Planning and Zoning committee could better account for how the development will affect the flood plain.

VARD is excited to see the beginning stages of the first TND development and supports Victor in their requests that the development be architecturally sound, as well as in accord with FEMA regulations.

Wrangler’s Ridge Subdivision goes to Final Plat Hearing

What’s Happening? This proposed subdivision located on approximately 60-acres at 750 South and 100 West within the City of Victor went before the City Council on Wednesday night for Final Plat Hearing.

The City Council debated how to handle the fact that a section of it is located in the FEMA floodplain, and the applicants have yet to submit the required studies to FEMA to get the FEMA go-ahead on the project. The applicants also requested that they put off any of the proposed upgrades to Highway 33 until they have reached Phase 3 of the project.

The city approved the final plat of Wrangler’s Ridge contingent on the development getting a FEMA report before phase 3 of the project as well as improving the lift station.

VARD supports Victor’s intentions to learn more about FEMA regulations so that Victor subdivision applicants, decision makers, and residents can better understand the process of working with FEMA in flood plain zones.


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