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Transfer station to open Oct. 23; Proposal for restoration on Teton Creek; Recreation district; Housing Authority to be sworn in

Landfill/Transfer Station
If you have driven by the landfill lately you have probably seen the new temporary transfer building that will be open for business on Oct. 23rd. The county is hard at work ironing out all the details, but the bottom line is that the hours will be the same as the ones for the existing landfill. There will be more information in the TVN in the upcoming two weeks.

The county is issuing a request for bids for a firm to manage the closure of the existing landfill. This is a big project as the landfill has to be covered with top soil to a depth of at least 3 feet and then seeded to be revegetated. Interestingly, landfill is required to be monitored for 30 years to make sure that there is no contamination leaking off the site.

Unfortunately the report on the permanent transfer station is not as rosy. It turns out that costly mistakes were made in the engineering of the transfer station, which was done by the Teton County, Wyoming engineering department.  The county has since hired Nelson Engineering to oversee the construction of the transfer station and they have had their hands full because of these mistakes.  The county is fortunate to have Nelson Engineering (Jeff Snyder) overseeing the project since they have caught the mistakes and are working hard to ensure that the new facility works. Without going into the details, suffice it to say that these revelations are going to cost significant money to correct. The exact amount is still to be determined.

Proposal for restoration on Teton Creek
Lyn Benjamin of Friends of the Teton River presented a proposal to the BOCC for a Brownfield grant to help restore and clean up the portion of county land that borders Teton Creek, next to the county landfill. This program is administered by the Environmental Protection Agency and Idaho Department of Environmental Quality.  This portion of the creek has been channeled to the point that its velocity is damaging and eroding the banks. One way to correct this problem is to spread out the flow of the water thus reducing the velocity. A good place to do that would be over the county property. Before that can take place the parcel in question has to be inventoried and cleaned up, which is what the grant would cover. The BOCC said that they would consider and discuss the proposal further.

Recreation District
The Teton Valley Recreation Association and the Teton Basin Ice and Recreation group were on the agenda to promote the importance of recreation in the valley and to ask for support from the commissioners. They plan to move forward on gathering signatures to have the formation of a recreation district on the November 2008 ballot.

Housing Authority
The county housing authority board that has been formed to start dealing with the important issue of affordable housing will be sworn in on October 18th at the county courthouse. The members of the Authority are Diane Temple, Doug Peterson, Kathy Rinaldi, Sarah Dunn, Glen Vitucci, Gaither Campbell, and Stacy Simonet. VARD wishes them well on the important task that they have taken on.

The next meeting of the BOCC is the public hearings on October 11 at the county court house at 6pm. The next regular meeting is October 22.    


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