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Trail Creek Crossings SUP; Trail Creek Crossings CUP; Dennis Jennings Sketch Plan



Trail Creek Crossings SUP

This proposal is for a mixed use commercial and multi family housing development located on the south side of Highway 31 at the intersection of with Pole Canyon Rd/100 West. and at the western limit of the current Victor Central Business zone. Phase 1 is located on approximately 17.33 acres.

The Special Use Permit would allow the developer to build in the floodplain. A part of one building and the entirety of the parking lot are located in the historical 100-year floodplain. One edge of the parking lot touches on the 50 foot setback from the creek required by the ordinances. Nelson Engineering has resurveyed the floodplain but the new delineation has not yet been approved by FEMA. The developer presented a detailed plan for dealing with storm water runoff, which included underground storage tanks and bio-swales that are approved by the Department of Environmental Quality.

VARD spoke against the SUP on the grounds that the floodplain needs to be protected to maintain water quality, fish habitat and the ability of the creek to migrate within its natural boundaries. VARD asked:

-that the parking lot not be permitted in the floodplain

-that the trail be made of gravel, be less than 24 inches wide and as far back from the creek as possible

-that the vegetation in the floodplain be protected.

Based on the fact that the development meets the city’s ordinances, which allow for buildings as close as fifty feet from the creek, all five P&Z commissioners voted in favor of this Special Use Permit. Their decision points to a larger question: If the current ordinances do not protect the floodplain in a way that makes sense from a natural resources perspective, are the ordinances adequate?

Trail Creek Crossings CUP 

The Conditional Use Permit for the same proposed development would allow a mixture of commercial and multi family housing in the Central Business Zone. VARD views this permit as an entirely separate issue from the issue of the Trail Creek floodplain. VARD spoke in favor of this CUP because VARD believes a mixed-use development would benefit Victor’s downtown core.

The developers brought in a proposal that has half the number of parking lots required under Victor ordinances. One of the developer’s representatives suggested that in this sort of development, shared parking would be appropriate and that the 51 spaces would be adequate. The P&Z said that the city council is the governing body that has the authority to change the ordinances pertaining to parking requirements.

The P&Z also discussed what kind of trail should be required and whether the proposed trails along Trail Creek should be designated for biking or as more of a nature trail.  They also discussed the potential dangers for bikers at the intersection between 100 West and Highway 31. Ultimately, the P&Z made a motion to recommend approval of the CUP with the following conditions:

-sufficient parking at build out

-the addition of a 10 foot wide pathway along 100 West to connect existing pathways

-the addition of a second pathway along Trail Creek that would have a permeable hard surface

-turn lanes being built off of Highway 31 into the development

VARD stands behind its position that from a natural resources perspective trails in the flood plain should be narrow and made of a permeable material like gravel. VARD also believes it would be appropriate for the Victor to review its parking ordinances to evaluate whether certain types of developments do require fewer parking spaces and should therefore have lower parking requirements.

Dennis Jennings Sketch Plan – Bressler Park Townhomes

The developer’s representative presented a new design for their proposed development on a five acre parcel at the corner of Bressler and 100 West.  It is in the square mile around Victor where the TND Overlay Zone would be, but not within the city limits.  While VARD believes that the design could be further optimized to better fit with the principles in the proposed TND overlay zone, the current proposal does fit with the R-2 density requirements.  


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