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The Ranch required to do N-P study; Alpine Rose right-of-way issue; various recommendations for approval

Given the number of things happening at the county level right now we are going to give a pared down report on this meeting, instead of reporting on it in its entirety.

The Ranch PUD preliminary master plan
The Ranch PUD lies partially within wetlands on the west side of the valley in proximity to the Teton River. Due to the depth of the groundwater (less than 10 feet below the surface) as well as 2 surface springs, it meets the county requirements for a nutrient-pathogen study as required by the county’s Groundwater Protection Ordinance.  Nutrient Pathogen studies are used throughout the state as a tool to better plan for and protect groundwater. After a long discussion the P&Z voted 6-1 to require the developer to do an N-P study to determine appropriate density and/or sewage treatment that should be required to ensure that groundwater is protected. This sets an important precedent since this is the first subdivision to be required to conduct the study.

Alpine Rose PUD right-of-way issue
Some legal questions were raised about a right- of-way, which is partially located on the neighboring Teewinot subdivision and whether the right-of-way is considered null and void since there is another way to access the property, which wasn’t there originally.  The P&Z recommended approval of the application with the condition that the developer to come back with an internal road that stays off of the neighboring property when the plan comes before the commission at the preliminary stage.   

Vista Ridge Ranch PUD concept master plan, was recommended for approval with 50 lots on 331 acres.

Cache Townsite Development PUD concept master plan was recommended for approval with 29 lots on 72 acres

Warm Springs Subdivision concept master plan was recommended for approval consisting of 11 lots on 30.09 acres.

Pitchfork PUD concept master plan was recommended for approval with 10 lots on 31.99 acres.

Moose Meadows Subdivision preliminary master plan, with 8 lots on 25 acres was recommended for approval.

Majestic Mountain Subdivision Division II preliminary master plan with 38 lots on 133 acres was recommended for approval.  


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