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The BOCC discussed bids for the operation of the transfer station, Trans

Summary of the November 10, 2008 Work Meeting

Transfer station bids opened.
The county opened up the two bids they received to run the newly completed transfer station. The county had solicited bids for a 5-year contract to run the transfer station in an effort to determine whether the county should pay an outside contractor to run the station, or manage it in-house. Terra Firma Organics submitted a bid for $7,088,975 dollars. Owen PC Construction submitted a bid for $4,065,687 dollars. County Engineer Louis Simonetメs preliminary estimate for running the station in-house was $3,000,000 dollars. The county will now review the proposals and determine which is the best option using a scaled points system. Terra Firma has been running the interim transfer station for the past year.

Transportation Impact Study Guidelines unanimously adopted.
The commissioners adopted guidelines for conducting transportation studies to be used in the subdivision and PUD review process. These guidelines are a great tool for developers and the community because they ensure that traffic studies are properly conducted and accurately determine appropriate road mitigations.

Second Arrowhead Business Park extension granted.
The commissioners granted a second recording extension to Arrowhead Business Park for another 6 months. The county currently lacks a recording extension ordinance, but has been applying the final plat extension ordinance by analogy. The trouble is, the final plat extension ordinance clearly states that only one (1) extension can ever be granted. VARD cautioned the commissioners against making these kinds of decisions, which run contrary to the plain language of our county ordinances. Another concern to VARD was that the applicant was unable to really explain why the extension was needed. There were three (3) business partners at the meeting and one was unwilling to sign the final plat for recordation because he was considering other commercial ventures on the property. Larry Young commented that he too did not understand why there was no better explanation for the extension. The commissioners then unanimously granted this extension.

Rolling Knolls extension denial affirmed.
Alice Stevenson and Larry Young voted to affirm their previously unanimous denial of the Roll Knolls final plat extension request. Mark Trupp changed his vote this time around because he wanted to give the developer the opportunity to present information on how his water rights caused him lengthy delays. Stevenson pointed out that the water right issues were never a part of the record. The extension request was denied both times because the applicant had been directed two years ago at concept that he would need to bring the developmentメs entrance road up to county standards, costing roughly $250,000. Young pointed out that this directive was abundantly clear and there had been no forward progress on the project in two (2) years. The applicant representative stated that he had not improved the road as directed because it was not clear what needed to be done to the road, but was now offering $100,000 in road mitigations instead. County Engineer Louis Simonet reminded the commission that the county road standards were adopted in 2005, and they provided guidance on what the county road standards are.

The Willows extension granted.
The commissioners unanimously granted a recording extension to the Willows until June 12, 2009. The developer stated that he has already paid for most of the infrastructure out of pocket but did not want to take out the line of credit from the bank right now because the oncoming winter will prevent him from doing any additional groundwork until next spring. If he were forced to take the line of credit out of the bank right now, he would immediately have to begin paying it off, but would not even be using the money until next year.


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