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Tetonia's comprehensive plan revision

On Monday, March 3rd the Tetonia P&Z commission held a public hearing to present the latest draft of the city’s comprehensive plan.  There were approximately ten citizens in attendance in addition to a VARD representative and various development interests.  There was a good discussion about the plan and some of the suggestions made by participants will be incorporated into the next draft.  

VARD commented that the plan’s vision statement needed to be expanded.  The vision statement sets the tone for the rest of the comprehensive plan, itself a vision document.  The comp plan sets the stage for the formulation of ordinances, which ensure that the larger vision is protected and implemented.  VARD suggested that the vision statement should go beyond describing Tetonia’s rural character and that the vision statement should spell out the need for a diverse economy and vibrant downtown core.  Central to these two goals is keeping economic growth within the core area of Tetonia with land uses becoming progressively less intensive moving out from the core.  VARD also commented that development and design standards are critical to ensure that development that does occur reflects the vision of comp plan.  

The P&Z held a work meeting on Wednesday March 5th in which they went through the plan section by section.  Another work meeting will be held March 19th to continue working on the land use and zoning chapters.

There is still plenty of time for further citizen input.  Remember that this is the document that will shape how your city grows over the next decade!  You can view the comprehensive plan draft online at or you can pick up a copy at the city hall between 8:30am and noon Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.


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