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Tetonia Impact Area Agreement

Tetonia impact area agreement 

This was a real puzzler for the commissioners.  Last month’s joint work meeting between Tetonia and the County ended with the question of whether Tetonia even needed an impact area.  If the answer to that question is yes, then the City and County planners should get together and draft an agreement similar to the one adopted by the County and Victor.  The benefits of the Victor area of impact agreement are that it is clear, unambiguous and conforms with state law. 

Now instead, the County has received a letter from Tetonia Mayor Jardine which purports that a once-lost-but-now-recovered impact area agreement from 1995 between Tetonia and the County is still in effect.  In addition, the letter indicated that the city would not pay for sheriff services and that the City wanted to renegotiate the agreement all over again.

County Attorney Spitzer pointed out that the County’s proposed $12 per person fee for law enforcement does not even come close to covering the true costs of that work. That said, if negotiations are breaking down over this issue, perhaps law enforcement be addressed simultaneously with a separate service agreement in conjunction with the area of impact agreement.

The County is now drafting a response to Tetonia requesting that City and County planners work together to draft an agreement similar to the Victor agreement. As has been noted repeatedly, certain provisions in Tetonia’s proposed agreement are contrary to Idaho law. As this issue continues to be discussed, another joint work meeting has been scheduled for 5:30pm on June 16th in the commissioners’ meeting room.


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