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Teton Valley Humane Society Seeks Financial Assistance and Sunset Village Developer’s Agreement Reviewed

Teton Valley Humane Society Seeks Financial Assistance

A representative from the Teton Valley Humane Society asked for financial assistance from Victor to help care for stray animals and to keep the valley safe. She stated that the Humane Society’s budget is $175,000 per year and that she hopes Teton County and the cities will contribute one quarter of the budget. While all council members support the work of the Humane Society, they have already completed and posted the city’s budget, which will go to Public Hearing on August 27th. The City Council agreed to see if they could find any extra funding for the Humane Society.

Sunset Village Developer’s Agreement reviewed

The City Council reviewed the developer’s agreement for Sunset Village, a 332-unit development in the form of duplexes, four-plexes and sixteen-plexes located on 40 acres at the north west corner of 100 W. and Cedron in Victor. After the City Council reviewed many details of the agreement, the developer expressed concerns over the city’s requirement that he build a well and pay hook up fees. The City Council and staff spoke about the importance of the well in this location and the importance of the hook up fees to pay the city’s bond requirements. The City Council determined that they need more information about bond payments and water modeling before they can determine whether Thompson will have to pay hook up fees.  They also discussed the importance of taking a more long-term look at how best to pay the bond requirements. VARD believes this kind of long-term planning will greatly benefit Victor.


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