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Teton Valley 2020 Comp Plan Meeting Summaries

Comprehensive Plan FAQs:

  • What's happening? Teton County has officially launched their Comprehensive Plan process, also known as Teton Valley 2020. A Plan 4 Planning ("P4P") steering committee was formed to help organize the general timeline of the process and strategize public education and outreach. The P4P's work is now done: The community surveys are complete, they designated the six citizen committees (natural resources/outdoor recreation, transportation, community events and facilities, rural character / agricultural heritage, economic development, and the core committee, they sent out requests for consultant proposals, and selected the top finalists.  The County Commissioners did the actual hiring of the Comp Plan consultant team and appointed citizens to the six committees. The consultant team then went out into our community and conducted on-the-ground stakeholder interviews of valley residents.
  • Who is the County's contact person for the Comprehensive Plan? Angie Rutherford has been hired by the Board of County Commissioners as a GIS specialist/planner who will assist with outreach, communication, and facilitation of the Comprehensive Plan update. You can email her at

Other cool links to check out:

  • Teton Valley 2020 has now launched their website where you can learn about getting involved in the comp plan process. They also have a blog! You can even friend them on Facebook!
  • Teton County now has a website dedicated to the Comp Plan which is a great place to read meeting minutes and get basic information about this re-writing process. 
  • The Teton Area Advisory Forum (TAAF) has set up a hilarious website to help educate the public about what a Comp Plan is and how it can benefit our community. 

P4P and Commissioner meeting notes: (We are trying to attend every Comp Plan meeting, but we have missed a few. Click here to read ALL of the county's minutes from every single meeting.) 

  • May 17, 2010 – Comprehensive Plan kickoff: The County Commissioners and planning staff hosted an informational kickoff meeting to start the Comp Plan process. Click here to see the meeting report.
  • June 9, 2010 – P4P meeting: This was the first meeting of the P4P. Click here to see the meeting report. 
  • June 14, 2010 – County Commissioner work meeting: The Commissioners authorized county planning administrator Patrick Vaile to advertise and hire a Comp Plan outreach coordinator to help the P4P committee organize public outreach and events. This person will be a liaison to the public, facilitate P4P meetings, take meeting notes, and maintain the Comp Plan website and blog.
  • June 22, 2010 – P4P meeting: The P4P nominates chair/vice-chair, strategizes the timing and messaging of their public outreach, and establishes goals for their next meeting. Click here to see the meeting report.
  • July 26, 2010 – County Commissioner work meeting: The Commissioners voted to remove themselves from the P4P committee because there are now 8 valley residents on the committee and they do not want to the group to become too large and cumbersome. In addition, the Commissioners felt that the P4P would feel the most free to express themselves and be creative with ways to engage to public in the planning process if there were no elected officials on the committee.
  • August 24, 2010 – P4P meeting: The committee discussed the framework and timeline for soliciting the requests for proposals (RFP) from planning consultants. They fixed a deadline for recommending their 3 finalists to the County Commissioners; it will be at their February, 2011 work meeting. Crafting a branded identity for the Comp Plan process was then discussed. As for public outreach, a bifrucated survey process will be used to solicit feedback from the community. The P4P also devised a strategic plan to have P4P members get the survey out to as many people in the community as possible.
  • September 8, 2010 – P4P meeting: The P4P discussed how to best use the services of people who are interested in the Comp Plan and have volunteered their professional skills. They also planned for a 3 month process of information-gathering from the community, ranging from 10/1 to 12/31. At the next meeting, the P4P will decide how they want to formally "kick off" this effort and get the word out to the entire community. Ideas ranged from a barn dance or public BBQ to a simple press release. Kendall Jolley said the schools will be a good  networking liaison for getting parents to take an interest in filling out the community values survey. A website, blog, and Facebook page have also been set up for the Comp Plan. At the next meeting, the P4P will also choose a logo and slogan to "brand" this process.
  • December 14, 2010 –P4P meeting:This was a big work meeting to review all of the public input received from the almost 700 surveys collected from county residents. Committee members emphasized that submitted comments would need to be carefully reviewed. The group discussed possible subcommittees based on the top qualities/amenities that respondents would like the Comp Plan to address. The meeting ended with a discussion about the evaluation criteria for the consultants who will be hired to draft the Teton Valley 2020 Comprehensive Plan.
  • January 4, 2011 – P4P meeting: The P4P strategized how to get the Teton Valley 2020 survey results (740 surveys!) out to as many members of the public as possible and also drum up interest so diverse members of the community will volunteer for the 6 Comp Plan committees: (1) economic development/property rights, (2) rural design/cultural heritage, (3) community events/facilities, (4) natural resources management/recreation, (5) transportation, and (6) a central committee. They estimated that about 50 volunteers are needed to serve in various capacities on these committees, some of which would require more time commitment than others. The P4P expressed a strong desire to not turn anyone down from participating in this Comp Plan rewrite (which was a problem with the previous Comp Plan), but they still wanted the committees to be functional and effective. They also reviewed the Request for Proposal and scorecard for evaluating consultant bids. 
  • March 16, 2011 – Volunteer Kick Off! Teton Valley 2020 hosted a kick off meeting for volunteers on the Comp Plan Committee where folks could come and learn about goals, expectations, and time lines for the 6 Comp Plan committees. 
  • March 16, 2011 – Consultant Interviews: The Board of County Commissioners held an open public meeting to interview these top candidates. The Board then selected the team comprised of local firms Harmony Design and Engineering, Jorgensen Engineering, and global planning firm AECOM. 
  • April 26, 2011 – Teton Valley 2020 Staff Kickoff Meeting: The county planning staff, county commissioners, P&Z Chairman Dave Hensel, and Comp Plan consultants Harmony Design and AECOM sat down together to outline key objectives, the schedule of events, and communication protocols for the Teton County Comp Plan update. Then the discussion turned to basic goals. Commissioner Kelly Park’s main concern is the future of our farmlands and viability of family farms. He also emphasized that he wants the Comp Plan to connect to future plans and be easily updated. AECOM noted this is called creating a  “Living Comprehensive Plan.” Commissioner Kathy Rinaldi was concerned with creating a realistic plan for capital improvements, while also ensuring continuity with the three cities. The planning staff highlighted the weaknesses in our current, vague plan – they want more direction and vision in the future plan so they can rely on it when evaluating land use applications. P&Z Chairman Dave Hensel added, the plan needs to reflect on-the-ground economic realities and not aim for unrealistic economic outcomes. The next steps in the process include interviewing community stakeholders and officially appointing citizens to the central committee and sub-committees while also assigning committee chairman positions.
  • Week of June 7, 2011 – Teton Valley 2020 Committee Meetings Have Begun! The Teton Valley 2020 Comprehensive Plan rewrite process is now well underway! Starting this week, these six committees will hold their first formal meetings to kick off the rewrite of the Comp Plan. Committee members will identify team values and goals, and also elect their chairpersons who will serve on the core committee for the Comp Plan.


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