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Teton Springs Annexation; Victory Ranch Annexation; West Birch infill development

Teton Springs annexation recommended
The Victor planning & zoning commission recommended annexation of Teton Springs, sending the matter to City Council for final decision sometime in late June.  Public comment ranged from enthusiastic support to emphatic opposition.  Residents, both of Victor and of Teton Springs, supported the annexation in recognition of Teton Springs’ impacts on the city.  One Teton Springs resident made it clear that John Pinardi, who represents Teton Springs, does not speak for all of them.  Others were opposed, mostly on the grounds that incorporation into the city would result in additional taxes for Teton Springs residents with apparently nothing in return.  Mr. Pinardi asked the city to show one benefit to Teton Springs with annexation.  The commission responded that there is no requirement for a dollar for dollar match between taxes paid and services received.    Some interesting facts that came out of the hearing: up to a third of all the effluent carried in Victor’s pipeline to Driggs’ treatment plant comes from Teton Springs; there are only 12 full time residents in Teton Springs; the city doesn’t necessarily take over Teton Springs’ infrastructure should it annex—there are already subdivisions within the city that have private roads and other services supported by homeowners associations.

Victory Ranch annexation recommended
The P&Z commission voted unanimously in favor of annexing 294 acres slated for 370 units to the Northwest of Victor.  Public comment consisted of three letters in opposition, two spoken testimonies “uncommitted” and three “opposed.”  Public concerns about the development centered on rezoning that would be inconsistent with the surrounding land, the impacts on services and quality of life from over 1,000 new Victor residents, and differences in interpretation of the city’s comprehensive plan.  The developer, Mr. Travis Thompson, proposes to donate land for a new sewer treatment facility within the development.  “This is a great opportunity for the city of Victor,” P&Z chairman Mike O’Neill said.  While the city is in dire need of a solution to its sewer capacity problem, the effects of such a massive development could well outweigh the benefits of a sewer plant site.  The matter will be heard by the City Council on May 23rd at 7:00pm.

West Birch Subdivision sketch plan review
The Big Fish Development group presented a plan for an 8-lot infill development at 245 West Birch Street.  The 5-acre parcel is currently accessed by dirt roads and the commission’s chief concern was upgrading the access.  The developer proposes an easement north to Cedron to allow future connectivity as well as incorporating walking/biking paths that will connect to and grow the existing trail network.  This development is a great step towards downtown growth and we look forward to seeing more infill developments like this one.


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