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Teton County forecloses on five parcels owing property taxes since 2008. More may soon be coming.

Commissioners unanimously foreclose on five parcels for delinquent taxes. More may soon be coming.

For the second year in a row, Teton County has foreclosed on properties for delinquent taxes. The County Commissioners unanimously voted to foreclose on five delinquent properties owing back taxes since 2008: one lot from Creekside Meadows, and four lots in Teton Reserve totaling $7,978 in back taxes. All five properties are vacant subdivision lots with no homes/structures on them. They will be put up for public auction this upcoming October.  

Treasurer Hatch noted that back in 2008, these lots were assessed at $230,000 per lot, and are now valued at $25,000 – $30,000 per lot. This is an 87% decrease in value.

Please note, these are not all of the 2008 tax delinquencies. An additional 21 properties (all owned by one individual) have been delinquent in taxes since 2008 and have been due for mandatory foreclosure since this past December 20, 2011. Informally, these parcels were given an extended deadline by Treasurer Hatch until July 3rd, which has now also passed without any payment on back taxes. We will keep you posted on what happens next and soon provide a more detailed report about the growing problem of tax delinquencies as a part of the post boom-bust fallout.

As of today, Treasurer Hatch is scheduled to report on these unpaid taxes to the Board of County Commissioners on Monday, July 23 at 1:30pm in the commissioners' meeting room on the first floor of the new courthouse in Driggs. 

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