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Targhee's revised expansion plan

Grand Targhee
June 12, 2007, Jackson

On Tuesday, June 12 Grand Targhee presented a revised expansion plan with a reduced density of 592 units (from 725), with no more than 10% of the density as single-family lots. Building will take place on 98.7 acres of the 120-acre total. Maximum onsite employee housing for 60 people.  Commitment that Ski Hill Road from State Line will not exceed a service Level of C (D is the most limiting) and if so, Grand Targhee will do further mitigation to reduce traffic. $500K for Alta park and school. The voluntary residential real estate tax will have .5% toward housing and 1% toward conservation of land resources and acquisition of open space. More details of the plan and outlined mitigation are available on the Teton County, WY website at

VARD’s comments focused again on being able to make the mitigation that Grand Targhee is required to do for Wyoming meaningful to Teton County, Idaho, where the bulk of impacts, both positive and negative, will be. Geordie Gillett, owner of Grand Targhee, has maintained his concern that mitigation should take place not only for Alta, but also Teton Valley, and that mitigation should be fair. VARD’s comments to the Board were to take advantage of the unique opportunity to plan regionally with the current decision makers in both Teton counties who are concerned about growth, a developer who has shown his concern for better planning through his contributions in Teton County, ID and the use of Clarion Associates (a land use consulting firm) that has been hired by both counties to address planning issues.

With the changes to the expansion plan by Grand Targhee, the Teton County, WY Board will schedule another public meeting to discuss and deliberate on the plan. That date is TBA.


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