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Table Rock Estates continued; Ridgeline Ranch PUD continued; Canyon Creek Ranch Prelim Plat approved with conditions;

Table Rock Estates Continued

Table Rock is a 40 unit traditional subdivision on 120.43 acres abutting the national forest located on 200E and 400S. The commissioners had many concerns with this development because of the property’s hilly topography and location in a highly visible area of the valley. The commission unanimously voted to continue this plat pending the resolution of several issues such as the steep road/fire access issues, national forest access issues, Eastern Idaho Public Health septic system issues, and a natural resources mitigation plan.

Ridgeline Ranch PUD Continued

Ridgeline is a 91 unit PUD located on 281 acres out on 1025 West and 900 North. It abuts River Rim Ranch in an area zoned Ag20. At the hearing, VARD voiced concern with the high density of housing units (32 units per 100 acres) on such steep topography and in a very rural area of the county, and the number of housing units in the high priority habitat as identified by the project’s environmental consultants. At the concept review for this PUD last August, the P&Z commissioners expressed concerns about (1) using un-buildable steep terrain to meet the open space requirement, (2) the need for connectivity to neighboring developments, (3) the high housing density, and (4) the need to reduce the number of roads. The previous commission voted to approve this concept plan, provided that all of these ideas and concerns would be addressed in the preliminary plat application. The problem however, is that many of these concerns appear to still be at issue. For example, the project had 82 units at concept, and despite the commissioners’ density concerns, the developer is now proposing 91 units including a lodge! The housing has been moved around, but it is still located in the sensitive wildlife areas. Mike Potter from neighboring River Rim Ranch also commented on the density and connectivity concerns. VARD commented that there is no evidence in the record that these conditions have been addressed as required by the previous commission. After three hours of circuitous deliberation, the commissioners unanimously voted to continue this application pending a fiscal impacts study.  The problem is that the facts are pretty clear here, and the P&Z needs to stick to the issues and base their current recommendations on the facts in the record.  Here, the record shows that the conditions imposed by the previous commission have not been addressed.

Canyon Creek Ranch PUD Recommended for Approval.

Canyon Creek PUD is the first of three very large PUDs seeking development approval by the county over the next several months (Canyon Creek, J lazy H Ranch, and Mahogany Ridge.) Canyon Creek will total 2,619.99 acres, straddling Teton and Madison counties. The development will include just under 400 housing units, and 1,585.9 acres of open space. It is designed to be a second home community with an emphasis on ranching and traditional agricultural practices. At the last hearing, several concerns were brought to light by Idaho Fish & Game, Madison County, the Ranger District, VARD, and the Land Trust. The commissioners gave the developers a long list of additional information which needed to be provided to address these issues, as well as the concerns of the commissioners. At this hearing, VARD advised the commission that since this PUD is currently for sale, the need for a thorough record and development agreement to protect the current developer, the future developer, and the community is paramount. Priority amenities need to be protected in the development agreement. Incidental commercial uses need to be controlled.  Because this development straddles two counties, the two development agreements must be consistent with each other, and Teton County should participate in the Madison County proceedings. After discussing a number of issues including incidental uses and winter road maintenance, this PUD was recommended for approval with conditions on a 5-1 vote.

Please note, Commissioner Gwen Heileson was absent this week due to illness.


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