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Sunset Village final plat tabled for further information

Sunset Village final plat tabled
On Wednesday April 9, the Victor City Council held a public hearing for the final plat for Sunset Village. The development application called for 332 units in the form of duplexes, four-plexes and sixteen-plexes located on 40 acres at the north west corner of 100 W. and Cedron in Victor.

Although in the past Victor residents have been told that no significant changes can be made to a plan at the final hearing, VARD’s Anna Trentadue spoke with the Victor city attorney and clarified that Victor code does allow for decision makers to request additional information and changes from the developer at the final plat hearing. This is important because it re-frames final plat hearings and empowers citizens to be involved in determining the future of their community by providing input at the final plat stage of the development approval process.

VARD’s Lucy Flood spoke in opposition to Sunset Village and asked:
-that the developer be required to do an in depth fiscal impact analysis to determine whether Victor can afford to service such a dense development at a location so far from the city core
-that the developer put aside the full 9.17 acres in parks required by the Victor ordinances
-that the designated affordable housing be deed restricted and dispersed throughout the development

Over ten residents spoke at the hearing. They asked for the full park space allotments, fiscal studies, and affordable housing requirements. They also commented on the visual impact of such a development.

The council deliberated and discussed the potential impacts to Victor of an estimated additional 963 new residents, 996 new pets, 3000 new vehicle trips per day, and 163 new school children to the school district. They discussed the importance of having density in the city and one council member discussed  “timing” in that growth, pointing out that the city has been “leap frogging” with progressively denser developments outside of the downtown core.

The council decided to table their decision until they could have a work meeting to discuss the staff recommendations and other concerns such as the park allotments with the developer. They gave developer Travis Thompson of Victor Mountain Retreat LLC the go ahead to begin a fiscal impact analysis.

VARD believes Victor is taking a wise approach to managing growth and protecting quality of life in Victor by asking the developer to show that his development won’t place an undue burden on the schools and other services upon which we all depend.


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