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Sunset Village continued hearing

Sunset Village final plat tabled
On Wednesday April 30, the Victor City Council held a public hearing, continued from April 9th,  to consider the final plat for Sunset Village. The development application calls for 332 units in the form of duplexes, four-plexes and sixteen-plexes located on 40 acres at the north west corner of 100 W. and Cedron in Victor.

At the previous hearing the council members tabled the plat so that two of the members could review the traffic analysis, and so that they could further discuss the park requirements. They also gave the developer, Travis Thompson, the go ahead to begin a fiscal impact analysis.

At this hearing Thompson offered to:
-deed restrict a minimum of 10% of the housing as affordable
-put in amenities such as basketball courts and tennis courts in his park
-create up to the full amount of park space required by the ordinances or to pay a fee in lieu of the park space

Thompson also discussed his willingness to do a fiscal impact analysis, stating that he thought such a tool would be helpful. However, he hadn’t yet been able to receive a good model from the city. The city planner is in the process of creating a model fiscal impact analysis for the city, and feels it is a useful tool for predicting the impacts of growth.

The council deliberated on the plat and asked Thompson to submit a memorandum of understanding stating that he will deed restrict at least ten percent of the housing in Sunset Village as affordable. They then discussed the value of increased park space versus fees in lieu that can go toward improving existing park space. Most of the council agreed that the city did not need more space in grass. However, some council members felt that in this location, with over 900 potential new residents, additional space in the form of community gardens or pathways would be necessary to accommodate the residents’ needs. The council discussed a compromise of expanding the larger park by over an acre and asking the developer to introduce a new trail way section along the southern boundary of the park to link up with other trail ways.

The council tabled the plat to give the developer the opportunity to:
-write up a memorandum of understanding on deed restricting the affordable housing
-bring back a revised plat with the new park space, with turn lanes required by the traffic impact analysis, and with a myriad of other changes discussed at an earlier work meeting
-show the plat to the Victor Tree Committee to get their input

Tabling Sunset Village will also give the two council members who hadn’t had a chance to review the traffic impact analysis the opportunity to do so before voting on this development.

VARD supports Thompson’s decision to work with the Housing Authority and to move forward with deed restricting 10% of the property as affordable housing. VARD also supports the city’s decision to require a fiscal impact analysis and their efforts to identify how park space can best accommodate the needs of the community.


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