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Solid waste campus design; New developments and road issues; Drought designation for Teton County; Future meetings

Solid waste campus  design presentation
The big news is that Nelson Engineering presented a master plan design for the solid waste campus planned for the site across from the existing landfill. This is a major step forward for Teton County, and will help us to deal responsibly with our solid waste and get us back on the path to a progressive and exciting recycling program.

The short-term plan suggests a cloth building built over a steel frame that would house the interim transfer facility, which would be managed by Terra Firma Organics.  The advantage of a cloth building is that it can be built quickly, within 5 weeks, and is relatively inexpensive. The state has been using these structures around Idaho for years. The county is also looking into what a metal structure would cost so that they can to compare the pros and cons of both ideas. When the permanent transfer station is finished this building would then be used to house the recycling effort.

One interesting idea on the master plan was the possibility of locating a future county jail out at that site. It makes good sense in that the jail facility could be a source of labor for the facility.  Whether or not this ever comes to pass, it is good to see the commissioners being pro-active and creative anticipating future county needs. .

Nelson Engineering agreed to come back at the next BOCC meeting with a presentation of the various options and costs for the solid waste campus that the commissioners could choose from.

New developments and road issues
Road easement problems took up quite a bit of the planning and zoning portion of the meeting. Alpine Rose, a proposed subdivision located next to Teewinot subdivision has a 60 foot easement that runs through some of the easternmost Teewinot lots.  The use of this easement for accessing Alpine Rose is contentious and needs to be resolved between the residents of Teewinot and the developer.  The commissioners cited county ordinance Title 9-5-3 which states that public improvements cannot be started until the final plat has been approved, and so made a motion not to allow the developer to start work on the road until the final plat is approved, by which point the road issue will need to be resolved.

Administrator Kurt Hibbert talked about the need to make sure that future road locations and connectivity between subdivisions/PUDs is carefully considered as more and more developments sprout up. Often a developer does not want his development to have through roads as he wants to market the development as an “exclusive” location.  But in the interest of the community good and for safety reasons, such as access for firefighters and police, it might be necessary to require the developments to have connectivity to adjoining developments and to provide easements for future connecting roads.

Drought designation for Teton County

Teton County's application for drought designation has been granted by the governor's office. This will enable ranchers and farmers to access aid from the state.

Future meetings

July 9th     regular BOCC meeting
July 10th    8:30 am Department Head Budget Meetings
July 12th    1-5pm (the BOCC will now schedule a meeting every Thursday after the second                     Monday of the month in order to have more time to address the many issues facing                 the county)
July 12th    5:30pm public hearings

We will let you know about important agenda items for these meetings as the dates draw closer.  Before then, you can always go to the Teton County, ID website to check if agendas have been posted



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