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School District request for city to waive sewer hook-up fees for new middle school

The item of interest at this meeting was a conversation the council had with School District Superintendent Gordon Woolley and Plan One Architect’s Bob Heneage regarding the school district’s request that the city waive sewer hook-up fees for the planned new middle school. According to the fee structure the Middle School project would owe the city around $90,000 in hook-up fees.  However, the city has already credited $30,000 to the school district for infrastructure that they are installing so the number being discussed is around $60,000.  The school district had assumed that this fee would be waived by the city, as it was when the high school was constructed in 1998 and as the county has waived certain fees for the Middle School.

The middle school is $1.4 million over budget right now because of 30% inflation in construction costs since the time when the school bond was passed eighteen months ago and the construction bids came in. 

The city council expressed a desire to help out and support the school but also said that they are also in the unfortunate position of trying to come up with funds to build the new multi-million dollar sewer treatment plant that they require. 

Council members raised the point that the city already absorbs other costs of hosting the school such as traffic and expressed a desire to reach some kind of negotiated deal with the school whereby the citizens of Driggs might feel that they received something in return for the waived fees. The meeting ended with an agreement to continue the discussion at the January 3rd council meeting.


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