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Scenic River Estates approved with conditions; Canyon Creek Ranch continued until January. 

Summary of the December 11th BOCC hearing.

Scenic River Estates unanimously approved with conditions.
Scenic River Estates is a 51-unit PUD proposed on 160 acres, located about ½ mile west of the Teton River, at Bates Road and 600W. It has been in process for over 2-years because of all the road safety and traffic concerns in this rapidly growing area of the valley. At this hearing, VARD spoke neutrally about this application, requesting that this project mitigate its traffic and wildlife impacts as much as possible. The cumulative impacts of all the developments currently being approved in this central area of the valley needs to be addressed in terms of road safety along Bates. VARD suggested that the voluntary $20,400 contribution being offered by the developer be used to study road safety concerns along Bates Road. The commission unanimously approved Scenic River with several conditions:

1.    The Idaho Fish & Game land management recommendations be added to the open space management plan.
2.    The $20,400 donation be ear-marked for studying safety concerns on Bates Road.
3.    The development agreement be approved by the planning administrator.
4.    The developer improve 600W from the PUD entrance to Bates Road

Canyon Creek Ranch continued until January 15, 2009.
Canyon Creek Ranch PUD is an approximately 400-unit PUD proposed on 2,619 acres that straddle the Madison/Teton county line. It would primarily be a second-home community for outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy ranching activities and living in a remote western locale.

Incidental uses listed in the development agreement include: 

A.    Ranch headquarters.  
B.    Dude Ranch with a dining facility and 60 single-family overnight accommodations with a one-week minimum stay requirement.  
C.    General Store.
D.    Soda fountain.
E.    Grocery Store.
F.    Gift shop.
G.    Ranch management offices.  
H.    Fuel filling station.  
I.    Post office.  

An indoor riding arena is also proposed as part of the project.  This was supposed to be the final plat hearing where the entire master plan for the project would be approved, meaning that the county commissioners must carefully review all the details of the project as a whole.

Before the hearing began, the commissioners discussed whether it was appropriate to even hear Canyon Creek because the water system had just been changed from a community system to individual wells, and there was no DEQ or District 7 Health approval letter on file. VARD commented that the project was using a form of financial surety that is expressly prohibited by county ordinances, and lacked a letter of credit or letter of intent from a bank, as required by ordinance. In addition, because access to this PUD is through Madison County, there still needs to be a road maintenance and emergency services agreement that is deemed acceptable by both Teton and Madison County. VARD also commented on the confusion over important details of the project such as the proposed indoor riding arena and the phasing plan for the project.

The board unanimously voted to table this application until January 15th, and instructed the developer to come back with a detailed presentation on the project, and to make sure that all the documents required by ordinance are in place.

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