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Saddleback Vistas; Moratorium Task List

Below are the main items of interest from this meeting:

P&Z hour

Saddleback Vistas – issues with proposed equestrian center

Rick Massey came before the board to try to resolve a building height and use issue in his development, Saddleback Vistas.  The development is a conventional subdivision in the county located along Darby Creek. Mr Massey had gotten a building permit from the county to move ahead in building an equestrian center.  However, it turned out that there had been a mistake in permitting the arena as it was going to be 40 feet high and the county has a 30 foot limit on buildings not being used on a working farm or ranch, such as barns and silos. Planning Administrator Kurt Hibbert was very concerned about setting a precedent in the county by allowing a variance to building height.  Also at issue was the riding arena as a commercial use since there is no provision for commercial use in a conventional subdivision. When Saddleback Vistas was approved there was no mention of commercial use on the plat. In fact, the lots located along Highway 33 that had the potential to become commercial lots with a proper zone change were amended to be residential. The board moved to bring this issue to the county attorney to get his input on the issue before making a decision.

Moratorium work meeting
Kurt Hibbert, the county’s planning administrator, put together a work list and flow chart of the items that the county needs to address during the moratorium. There is much work that needs to be done and VARD fully supports the efforts of the board to move forward on these important issues. After all three commissioners and Mr. Hibbert worked hard on defining and qualifying the list, Commissioner Stevenson moved to accept the list and get to work on it. The motion was passed 2-1 with Commissioner Trupp voting against. Mr. Trupp said he felt that he could not vote for the motion since he was against the moratorium. VARD is concerned by Commissioner Trupp’s position as it raises the question of whether or not he intends to contribute to working on any of these pressing issues during the moratorium.


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