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Rocky Road Industrial Park Blanket CUP Request; Felt Cell Tower; Cedron Heights Subdivision

July 14th Report: County P&Z continues the applications for Cedron Heights subdivision, the Felt cell tower, and the Rocky Road Industrial Park blanket CUP.

Neighbors oppose the Rocky Road blanket CUP and submit copies of the 25 complaint letters that have been filed to the county over the past 4 years.

Rocky Road Industrial Park requested a blanket CUP for the entire 16-lot industrial subdivision which would include appliance repair, brewery, building material sales, cabinet shop, furniture repair, general contractor, subcontractors, office space, plumbing shop, storage units, auto and truck storage, vehicle body shop, vehicle repairs, and vehicle sales. Neighbors of Rocky Road submitted their letter in opposition, which included copies of the 25 Rocky Road complaint letters that have been submitted to the county over the past four years. The neighbors presented photographs showing spilled chemicals, trash, debris, and other direct violations of the CUP conditions. They further petitioned the county to review all the outstanding CUPs for businesses in Rocky Road and require the strict compliance with the terms of the CUPs as was originally promised by the lot owners of Rocky Road. VARD also spoke in opposition, questioning the legality of granting a blanket CUP because it was essentially a zone change and would need to go through the proper procedural channels. VARD also argued that the county not only had the authority but also the obligation to review the Rocky Road CUPs in order to impose more meaningful mitigations that would contain the adverse impacts of this industrial development.  

The president of Rocky Road’s HOA rebutted that he did not design the industrial park, and the lot owners should not be expected to pay for mitigations.

P&Z continued this application, directing the County Attorney to research the legality of a blanket CUP, and the commission also agreed to conduct a site visit to Rocky Road in order to investigate what was really going on out there.

After hours of deliberation, P&Z continues Felt cell tower CUP application.

This was a CUP application for an 80-foot cell tower in Felt townsite, just outside of the scenic corridor. Several residents spoke in favor of the tower because it would allow them to have better phone and internet reception. VARD and several other residents spoke against the tower because the tower as proposed would not fit in the general neighborhood, and it should be designed to blend in with the community’s character. P&Z expressed frustration with the project as it was proposed because they are not cellular communications experts and clearly, more information and professional advice was needed to help them decide the best course of action. They also wanted to explore other options such as placing the tower on top of the grain silo that was already in Felt. After 3 separate motions were proposed but did not pass, the P&Z continued this hearing and requested AT&T to submit more technical information, detailed visualizations, and proposals for other tower designs and locations. The Planning Administrator will review these new submittals and may hire an outside consultant to advise the county.  

Cedron Heights is continued until ground water comments are received from DEQ.

This was going to be a preliminary plat hearing for a 7-lot subdivision proposed on 22.6 acres located out on 770 South and 450 West. However, several months ago, P&Z imposed a new policy where preliminary plat applications will not go to hearing until DEQ has been able to comment on the project’s NP study which addresses groundwater impacts from septic systems. This is a good policy because it prevents both the developer and the county from spending time and money to get to final plat only to discover that the project design will negatively impact groundwater quality. The policy was recently enforced with Highlands Ranch PUD and The Roost PUD.  We at VARD commend P&Z for being consistent and now applying the rule to Cedron Heights.


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