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Rocky Road Development Agreement Reached

The saga of Rocky Road Industrial Park continues, but will hopefully be winding up soon. The BOCC approved a commercial development agreement between the county and the individual lot owners of Rocky Road. As you may recall, when this spot zone was originally approved years ago, the county imposed a few conditions of use for each lot, but most of the real enforcement was left up to the Rocky Road Home Owner’s Association (HOA). Over the past 5 years, residential neighbors have submitted over 25 complaint letters citing dust, fumes, noise, trash, bright lights, and a general failure of the HOA to enforce their own rules, and regulations.

VARD emphasized that the 4 lot owners who have not yet agreed to sign this development agreement need to sign it so they are on the same page as everyone else in Rocky Road. Having this kind of consistency will benefit everyone.

While agreeing to sign the commercial development agreement, lot owner Corky Walker stated that he was done providing any more mitigations for his business and argued that he should not have to comply with the county’s dark sky ordinance because it was ignorant and anti-business. He further argued that the ordinance was hypocritically enforced against people who were not in the good-ole’ boys club, and pointed to the fact that Broulims and the County courthouse were “lit up like roman candles.” Both Kathy Rinaldi and Kathy Spitzer rebutted that Broulims and the courthouse are located in the city and are thus governed by Driggs regulations. Mr. Walker’s lot was located 2 miles outside of town in the rural county and was thus governed by totally different regulations that are meant to protect the rural character of the county.

Kathy Rinaldi further emphasized that all of the conflict and consternation from both Rocky Road lot owners and their residential neighbors is exactly what happens when spot zones are created in people’s backyards.  After much discussion, the BOCC declined to get rid of the dark skies requirements, and their only substantive change was to further require a height restriction on all new buildings in Rocky Road.


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