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Revised PUD Ordinance; Capital Improvements Plan; Warm Creek Manor Final Plat

Summary of the October 20th BOCC Hearing

The final PUD hearing is set for November 13th

The BOCC finished reviewing their changes to the revised PUD ordinance and they have set a final hearing for November 13th at 7:30pm in the Teton County Courthouse in Driggs. It is expected that the BOCC will vote on adopting the ordinance that night.

Capital Improvements Plan unanimously passed

The BOCC unanimously adopted the Teton County Capital Improvements plan, which will impose impact fees to mitigate the costs associated with additional people moving into the valley that puts pressure on county services and infrastructure. The fees will be assessed at the building permit stage, and will be used to help pay for maintenance of roads, emergency services, sheriff’s services, and parks/recreation. VARD supports the use of these fees to help ensure that growth pays its own way, and our community services do not continue to decline.

Warm Creek Manor approved with conditions

Warm Creek Manor is a 19-lot traditional subdivision on 68.04 acres located just west of Teton Springs along 200 West. VARD commented that this plat should not have been scheduled for a final hearing in light of outstanding issues: (1) the fence that was supposed to have been built around divisions 1 and 2 of this project over 20 months ago was still not built and this was a condition for final plat that was imposed by the P&Z; (2) the cost estimate and development agreement do not appear to include the 7-acre park, landscaping, irrigation, or the fence. The county has historically struggled to ensure that all conditions are fulfilled prior to plat approval, and often the development agreement and development bond do not include critical details of the project that were presented as a part of the plan. The historic result has been that key community benefits and amenities used to help win approval for a project never materialize.

Commissioner Young commented that this application should not have been scheduled for a final hearing because the developer had failed to meet the conditions imposed by P & Z.  The commissioners unanimously voted to approve this final plat on the condition that the developer (1) gets an updated cost estimate which includes fencing, irrigation, the park, and dust abatement; (2) the development agreement be amended to include this additional costs; (3) proper approvals be obtained by the county engineer; and (4) the fence must be completed by October 1, 2009.

VARD does not agree with the decision to move forward and approve the application when the conditions for final plat were not met. Failing to require that the fence be completed prior to hearing and giving the developer an additional year to install the fence provides no assurances to the neighbors that it will ever be built – completion of the fence has been delinquent since 2005 and this decision gives little reason to expect the fence will be built in the foreseeable future.


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