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Report from the Oct 10th deliberation on the draft Land Use Code

Oct 10th public deliberation on Teton County’s draft Land Use Code  

For the first time in over two years, the Teton County Planning & Zoning Commission (PZC) held a public hearing regarding the county’s new Land Use Code on October 5th.  After nearly 90 minutes of staff presentation, the PZC opened the hearing around 7PM. Nearly all written and verbal comment received through the public comment period was negative. After a quick staff rebuttal to the comments offered, the PZC closed the public hearing and continued it to the next day, Thursday, October 6th, where the PZC held over 4 hours of deliberation. During this time, the PZC made many revisions to the draft code and continued the meeting again to Monday, October 10th, where they revised the draft further through the course an additional 5-hours of deliberation.

At the meeting’s conclusion, they were unable to decide whether to forward the draft code to the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) or hold another public hearing. After a lengthy discussion, the PZC decided to continue the meeting to Monday, October 17th in order to give the staff time to compile a redlined draft reflecting their proposed revisions. At the October 17th meeting, we expect the PZC will either re-open the public hearing or vote to officially recommend approval of the Land Use Code to the BOCC.

As to the substance of these revisions, most of PZC’s revisions to the code thus far have been technical and do not address the merits of the top 6 issues we have identified in our public comments, with the exception of the PZC’s revisions  to the wildlife and natural resource protection regulations, which we believe to now be further weakened.

A new round of public meetings (with at least one public hearing) will commence once the BOCC undertakes its review of the code. We will keep you posted as soon as these meetings and hearing are scheduled.

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