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Report from Fenn Hotel Hearing – Sept 19, 2017

Meeting Report
Victor P&Z Continues the Fenn Hotel Proposal

Last night, the Victor Planning & Zoning Commission voted to continue to the Fenn Hotel Rezone application. Though the Commission was concerned about the location of the proposed hotel/short-term rental/housing project, they sought the opportunity for further discussion in order to address project-specific issues.

Location of the proposed project site.

Of particular concern were the 50-60 “park model” homes, and the fact that applicable building and zoning codes limit occupancy to a maximum of 200 days.

Because the project has been pitched as an affordable housing solution, the Commission wondered how these and the total 100-130 short-term rental units proposed would truly meet the community’s need for permanent, year-round housing. They asked the applicant to consider revising the proposal to provide housing more suitable for year-round occupancy, as well as more details about architecture, site design, and road configuration.

Rather than pursuing the rezone request further, Fenn indicated that he’ll likely redesign the project to comply with existing zoning. The property is zoned Neighborhood Mixed-Use (NX) and Residential & Single-Town Family (RS-7), which would still allow for a 30-room hotel and a variety of residential units.

We’ll keep you posted.  You can learn more about the Fenn Hotel proposal in our previous emails here.


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