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Redtail revised preliminary plat approved

Driggs City Council Approves Redtail

The Driggs City Council unanimously approved the revised preliminary plat for Redtail (formerly Redtail Crossing) last Tuesday, March 20th.  Redtail borders Teton Creek and lays in the Songbird/Raptor Breeding and Wintering Habitat Overlay, as defined by Teton Regional Land Trust (May 2006). 

Harmony Design, Inc. was brought on board to plan the subdivision in a way that would minimize its affect on wildlife, the floodplain, and the views into and out of the property.  The revised design has 13 fewer building sites, 26% more open space, as well as larger tracts of contiguous open space, 12 fewer building sites in the 100-year floodplain of Teton Creek, and rerouting of a footpath to minimize its encroachment into the creek’s riparian habitat.  The new design retained the floodplain protection features of the previous design.

We commend Gillett for his willingness to listen and respond to public comments even though they were not required by the city council and his prior plat was approved.  We hope Redtail will raise the bar for developments in creek corridors throughout the county. 

VARD continues to have concerns about the allowable density along Teton Creek, as well as in other riparian areas in the county.  We hope our decision makers will take a close look at their ordinances to ensure that they facilitate the protection of wildlife resources, which depend upon the riparian habitat.  Our community places great value on viewing wildlife from our doorsteps.  Unfortunately, as our habitat-rich areas become filled with homes, we will eliminate the very values that drew us to live in such places.  


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