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P&Z Re-hearing Silver Dollar II Preliminary Plat recommended for approval; Gilroy CUP for duplex recommended for denial; Kincaid CUP for four-plex recommended for denial

Silver Dollar II Preliminary Plat recommended for approval
This is a standard Ag2.5 subdivision with 39 lots, located at 425 North and 400 West. The applicants have been busy working out compromises regarding road access issues with their neighbors. This preliminary plat was unanimously approved.

Gilroy CUP for a duplex recommended for denial
Paul Gilroy requested a CUP for a duplex on his property at 148 East 200 South, Driggs. VARD opposed the CUP because it would create a high-density island of development that is not in character with the surrounding rural area and would be at odds with the comprehensive plan, which states, “higher density developments should be located within or near their [the cities'] areas of impact.”  In addition, since this property has previously been divided, approval of this duplex circumvents the one-time lot split limitation and creates a higher housing density than the underlying Ag2.5 zoning. Neighbors to the property also testified in opposition to the CUP.  All of the P&Z recommended denial of the CUP except for commissioner Nickell who abstained from voting.

Kincaid CUP for a four-plex recommended for denial
Robert Kincaid applied for a CUP to build a four-plex at the nearby location of 156 East 200 South. VARD opposed this CUP for reasons similar to the Gilroy CUP, as did the neighbors. Five members of the P&Z recommended denial of the CUP while commissioner Nickell voted against denial, and commissioner Heileson abstained from voting.


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