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Public Auction for Courthouse/Land exchange, Big Hole Fly-in denied, Terra Firma, review engineer secured, new county emergency management coordinator….

Greg Adams was brought on board to be the new “Teton County emergency management coordinator”. His resume is an impressive one and shows his strong background in the emergency management field. This new position will be full time and the new job description will be worked out as Greg settles into the job. He will begin working with the county July 1.

The BOCC expressed their gratitude to Bob Dalton, who is retiring, for all is hard work for the citizens of Teton County.

Road and Bridge:

Ralph Egbert reported that there had been considerable tree damage due to the heavy snow that the valley had received. R&B is continuing its traffic counts in the Victor area.

Planning and Zoning

A long discussion revolved around the P&Z decision to deny the Big Hole Fly in Reserve Concept Plan. The developers and their attorney attended the meeting. The BOCC had Stephanie Bonny on a conference phone to represent the County. The main gist of the conversation revolved around whether the process that the P&Z followed was the correct one. It was decided that the BOCC needed time to do there own research on what happened at the P&Z meeting. A meeting was scheduled at 4:30 p.m. June, 14th to come to a decision on this matter.

Commissioner Stevens asked that the question of the Victor impact area be put on the P&Z agenda as soon as possible. Cari Golden was at the meeting and expressed her need to have some resolution on the proposed increase of the Victor impact area due to all the development pressure in the Victor area.


The county assessor reported that 1500 more parcels had been added to the rolls and that the value of new construction was 291 million dollars.

A motion was passed to upgrade the County’s web page which will make it more user friendly.

The Grand View Point access question came up again. This is the access to National Forest land that is located in the area north of Packsaddle Road. The BOCC passed a motion to let an earlier decision stand that stated that road B43a is a road on the county road map.

A new idea was proposed to deal with the court house/land exchange. In principle it was agreed to have a public auction for the 7 parcels of land. The parcels would be auctioned in a bundle, meaning that they would all be auctioned off together. At the same time a request for a bid to build the court house for not less than 5 million dollars and on not less than 3 acres would be put out. The location of said 3 acres would have to be within Driggs City limits as Driggs is the County seat. Certainly having a public auction is the most transparent way to deal with the land issue and VARD supports this new idea and compliments Blackfoot Farms for moving towards this decision.

The BOCC signed a contract with Williams Engineering to be the county’s  plat/survey review engineer.

Terra Firma was at the meeting to move forward with its contract with the county to monitor the C&D( construction and demolition) pit and operate the interim transfer station. Things are moving forward in a positive way towards the county having a true master solid waste plan that will guide us into the future. This is a big step in solving one of the county’s major challenges.

On Monday June 18, 2007 the BOCC has a phone conference call with Clarion Associates to finalize their contract and then they have a joint meeting with the Jackson Wyoming commissioners over the hill in Jackson at Rafferty’s restaurant located at Snow King Resort.


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