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Painted Skies Subdivision final plat approved; Teton Lodge and Outfitters impact analysis;
Capital Improvements Plan proposal

Painted Skies subdivision approved
The city council unanimously approved a new 11-lot subdivision on 950 South, across the street from the Teton Springs entrance.  Ben Squires of Victor presented the final plat, which incorporated changes suggested by the city council, P&Z commission, and Valley Advocates for Responsible Development.  VARD's Ian Tuttle spoke in favor of the subdivision, citing its proximity to town, small scale and strong connectivity through pathways as desirable characteristics.

Teton Lodge and Outfitters impact analysis
The five-building condo/hotel slated for development on the field near the bike path parking area on the north side of Victor hit another delay as the development team sought a building permit but did not yet have their fire-flow requirements documented.  The team presented a detailed impact analysis showing increases in traffic, school children, water and electricity use, and many other metrics, along with mitigation plans for each.  The fire-flow requirements for the project detail how much water will be necessary for the fire department to successfully fight a fire on the property.  As of yet, the development team has failed to present this data and will not be issued a building permit until it does so.  Additionally, the team stated that many of their impacts are being addressed jointly with Travis Thompson, who is developing the land surrounding the condo/hotel.  At this time no formal agreements have been finalized with the city, and until this is done the city will not issue a permit.

Capital Improvements Plan proposal
Representatives from two consulting firms jointly offered their services to draft and implement a Capital Improvements Plan (CIP) and Impact Fee Schedule for the city of Victor.  A CIP would be a very powerful and advantageous tool for the city to use in financial planning, fee assessment and collection, and growth management.  The council asked many critical questions about the merits of these tools; presently developers are so eager to build in Victor that they have been more than willing to install city infrastructure at their own cost.  In recent years the population has increased so quickly in Victor that past attempts to plan ahead have simply underestimated the city's needs.  

Anne Wescott, of Galena Consulting, and Thomas Pippin, of BBC Research & Consulting, pointed out that with a thoroughly researched and prepared CIP the city can use population instead of time as a trigger for new capital expenditures (which would be perfect for Victor's scenario) and the CIP allows long range planning for things that aren't even being considered right now (Victor's own police station, a community park with a pool, etc).  Given the capacity issues the city has run into with regards sewage treatment, the benefits of a CIP were only further underscored.  The council asked for a bid and proposal from the consultants and in order to further consider this project.


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