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Over 300 "unoccupied" homes to be added to the tax rolls; Ongoing discussion of the proposed Driggs Centre water hookup; 

Over 300 “unoccupied” homes to be added to the tax rolls

The county assessor reported that there are over 300 occupied homes currently not on the county tax roll because they never obtained a certificate of occupancy. The only county to have more of these types of unauthorized occupied homes is Blaine County. The assessor's office is currently making field visits to document all of these now-occupied homes and get them on the tax rolls.

Ongoing discussion of the proposed Driggs Centre water hookup

In exchange for getting their business park approved back in 2007, Driggs Centre LLC originally proposed to make a number of contributions to the community including installing a water line along the road to the edge of the county transfer station property. As previously discussed at the October 27th and Nov 24th commissioner work meetings, Driggs Centre has now raised the idea of the county contributing towards some of the costs of the water line. In preliminary discussions with the Driggs Centre attorney Sean Moulton, the county commissioners tentatively agreed to be treated as any other water user on the Driggs Centre water system. This means the county will pay their pro-rata share of what their water usage will be, they will bring the county infrastructure up to the hub of the Driggs Centre line (roughly $150,000 in installation costs), and they will pay the same hookup fee as every other lot owner in the Driggs Centre development (roughly $4,000 per hookup.) Mr. Moulton stated that Driggs Centre was amenable to waiving the hookup fees to the first two county water lines and just requiring the county to pay for their metered use of the water. County Attorney Kathy Spitzer is now working to refine the proposed water usage agreement.


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