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Mountain Legends – changes made to remanded application;  Travis Eva zone change tabled; McCarthy zone change denied; Dalley Rose PUD continued; Nethercott Acres; Swan Meadows

Mountain Legends Remand
The Mountain Legends PUD application for 53 ranch lots and 54 cabin lots on 197.05 acres in the vicinity of Stateline Road and Teewinot Subdivision came back before the Planning and Zoning Commission. The Board of County Commissioners remanded it back to them over concerns about waste water, traffic, and the density of the development.

There was a strong turn out by the neighbors, with ten speaking against the development, some of whom also read letters from other neighbors. Their primary concerns were the density and layout of the cabin lots on the property and traffic, particularly on Grand Teton Road running through Teewinot subdivision.   

VARD spoke in the neutral position, pointing out that the cabin clusters were not actually clusters, but designed in straight lines.  VARD was also concerned that the densities of the cabin lots were too high and made it inharmonious with surrounding land uses.  Sandy Mason reminded the P&Z officials that the PUD ordinance allows for densities “up to” the densities in Mountain Legends Ranch plats but gives officials the discretion to determine whether those densities are suitable. VARD does not find them suitable.

To address the concerns about increased traffic to Grand Teton Road the developer agreed to widen the road by two feet with four foot shoulders on each side.  Of course, this does improve the road but an improved road always leads to more traffic and traffic at greater speeds so in some ways this concession by the developer is a blessing and a curse to residents along this road. Another way the developer attempted to alleviate traffic concerns of neighbors was to agree to re-locate the clubhouse to a more central location in the PUD and to move the location of the mailboxes, which were originally located where they were going to generate traffic with impacts for neighbors.  

To address criticism about the high densities, the developer agreed to remove eight cabin lots (numbers 78-85), to increase the footprint of the remaining cabins, and to berm and landscape the western edge of cabin lots 54-57.

The decision makers made a motion recommending approval.  First they gave the go ahead with respect to wastewater because DEQ and the Eastern Idaho Public Health District (formerly District 7) had approved the project. Regarding traffic, the P&Z requested that Stateline Road be the main egress point, with Grand Teton used only in cases of emergency.  Four commissioners voted for the motion and two against.

Travis Eva Zone Change
This hearing was tabled.  However, the P&Z told the developer’s representative that it would be an up hill battle to obtain the commercial zoning they want along Highway 33.

McCarthy Zone Change
This 80-acre property is zoned partially as Ag-20 and partially as AR- 2.5. The owner requested a zone change to AR- 2.5 for the entire property. The P&Z recommended denial of the zone change but said they could do a boundary change if the owner requested it. Two commissioners abstained because they said they didn’t feel they completely understood the information around zone changes of this nature.

Dalley Rose PUD Preliminary Plat Review

This proposal consists of 18 lots on 40.67 acres.  The application was continued because one of the conditions required of the developer when the application was approved at the concept level had not yet been met.

Nethercott Acres Small Subdivision Concept/ Preliminary Hearing

The P&Z recommended for approval this plat, which includes 3 lots on 8.10 acres

Swan Meadows Small Subdivision Concept/Preliminary Hearing
Swan Meadows plat includes 4 lots on 10 acres. The P&Z recommended approval with a condition that the applicant produce a utility letter, as per Eastern Idaho Department of Health.


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