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Milk Creek Road recommended for vacation. 

Summary of the December 9th P&Z hearing.

Milk Creek Road recommended for vacation.
Representatives of the Judy family trust presented this proposal to vacate Milk Creek Road, located on north end of the valley, along the west side of River Rim Ranch and Ridgeline Ranch. The road is in rough condition and runs through the most environmentally sensitive part of the Judy’s proposed Grandview Ranch property. There is a history of destructive trespassing along the road, causing damage to the Judy property. In order to mitigate the effects of the road vacation, the representatives proposed to permanently dedicate forest service access road B43A to the public and donate a 3-acre parking lot for public access to the national forest.

VARD spoke in support of this proposal because if properly conditioned to ensure the environmental restoration of the vacated road corridor and continued public access to the forest, this can be a win-win situation for both the landowner and the public at large. Aside from commissioner Steele who voted against the road vacation, the commission unanimously recommended Milk Creek road be vacated subject to the following conditions:

1.    There will be a permanent, dedicated public access to the forest service property.
2.    There will be an improved parking area for the public.
3.    There will be easements granted to the neighboring Nissen, Columbine Telephone, and BLM properties.
4.    There will be an administrative / maintenance access granted to the US Forest Service.
5.    There will be an additional summertime parking lot provided at the forest service boundary, and the winter parking lot will be plowed.  


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