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Milk Creek Estates PUD has outstanding issues to be resolved; Meridian Village PUD has outstanding issues to be resolved.

Milk Creek Estates PUD continued with conditions
This was a proposal for a 7-lot planned unit development (PUD) on 67.93 acres out by River Rim, abutting Highway 33. Two years ago, VARD spoke in favor of the concept plan because it preserved the bulk of Milk Creek Canyon with an efficient design that took advantage of the already-existing road along the south end of the property and encouraged homes and driveways to be built outside of the canyon corridor.

The plan has now changed, and VARD spoke in opposition to the new plan, which now proposes an additional road to be cut down into the steep wall of Milk Creek Canyon. The new plan also requires driveways to be cut into the wall of the canyon, and encourages homes to be built down in the canyon. The cut and fill for the road and driveways will be visible from Highway 33, and the intrusion of homes into the canyon will undermine the value of this open space habitat. Because of the steepness of the terrain, the developer must meet certain county hillside development requirements, but so far has not done so.
The P&Z moved to continue this application on the condition that the applicant (1) move the road back to the original design, (2) shrink the building envelopes so they are not placed in the canyon corridor, and (3) provide a visualization of this proposed project.

Meridian Village PUD continued with conditions

This was a proposal for a 28-lot PUD on 79.76 acres directly east of the Felt townsite, abutting Highway 32. VARD spoke neutrally about this project, expressing concern that the development agreement needed to include provisions to ensure that the hillside development impacts are mitigated as much as possible, and that the fire protection system is installed and properly maintained. Mike Dronan from Eastern Idaho Public Health noted to P&Z that county ordinances would require a nutrient-pathogen study (NP study) on this property, due to the presence of fractured bedrock. Attorney Faren Eddins, representing neighbor Denny Arnold, spoke in opposition to this project, stating that the developer did not have a track record of fulfilling his development obligations, and that should be considered when approving this new project.

P&Z voted to continue this application subject to several requirements such as (1) an NP study be completed, (2) hillside mitigations be added to the development agreement, (3) comments be obtained from the school district and fire district, (4) an Idaho Transportation Department permit be obtained (because the project is along State Highway 32).


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