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Milk Creek Estates preliminary plat recommended for approval; Wildflower Village presentation

Milk Creek Estates PUD preliminary plat unanimously approved
This was a newly re-designed proposal for a 4-lot planned unit development (PUD) on 67.93 acres out by River Rim abutting Highway 33. At the last hearing, the P&Z commission directed the applicant to relocate the road and 7 building envelopes out of Milk Creek Canyon to preserve this sensitive area. VARD spoke in support of the new plan because it preserved the bulk of canyon corridor with an efficient design that encourages homes and driveways to be built outside of the canyon. P&Z complimented the developer on his new plan and unanimously recommended approval of the preliminary plat subject to a few conditions such as the firewater agreement must be incorporated into the development agreement, and building is prohibited on slopes over twenty degrees.

Wildflower Village project presentation
A representative on behalf of the developer Driggs Centre LLC gave a presentation on the 390-unit residential development proposed on 40 acres, out by the Teton County transfer station and the Driggs Centre Business Park. Currently zoned Ag 2.5, this project would require two separate up-zones to high density residential R1 and commercial C1 in order to be approved.

The P&Z commission unanimously commented that this type of high-density development belongs within the city limits and not in the rural county. The developer’s representative stated that they were looking into a land swap with the city of Driggs, but at this time, the project was proposed on the land currently owned by the developer out by 100S and 100E. When asked, the representative did not know how many units would be deed restricted as affordable housing. Because the developer is promoting this development as “affordable housing”, P&Z emphasized that there needs to be a mechanism in place, such as a deed restriction, to ensure that unit prices remain truly affordable. The commission also recommended that the developer meet with Driggs and the Housing Authority Commission  to find a more suitable location for this project.

At this time, it is unknown when (or if) this proposal will come back for a public hearing before P&Z. We will keep you posted.


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