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Mayor Dan Asks About Finishing Teton Creek Bridge

Powers Ponders Finishing Touches

The City of Driggs recently annexed the Teton Creek bridge, and now Driggs Mayor Dan Powers approached the County Commissioners about who was responsible for finishing it. He was under the impression the City would get a 100% completed bridge. Specifically, the bridge needs finished paving, revegetation work along the disturbed roadside areas, and potentially a guardrail. Commissioner Kathy Rinaldi inquired about the status of the County’s project budget. County Engineer Lou Simonet reported that as a condition of approval, Driggs Centre originally donated $200,0000 for this project, which has now been spent on the bridge. Since then, the county has only gone 1.25% over budget (which is pretty impressive for such a large project) While the conversation was genial, Commissioner Young did point out that Driggs was getting a good deal on a new bridge for almost no money.

Lou Simonet pointed out that eventually the Idaho Transportation Department will take control of the bridge, and they will install guardrails if needed. As to the other finishing touches, it was unclear who would pay for them.  



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