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List of approved subdivisions; zone change request by Jackson Hole Log Homes

Subdivisions Approved

Trapper’s Ridge was approved at the concept level with 25 lots on 77.96 acres, at 80% of the allowable density.

Bear Creek PUD concept was approved with 13 lots on 32.7 acres, at 100% the allowable density.

Double F Ranch PUD was approved as a preliminary application with 29 lots on 79.9 acres, at 90% of maximum density.

Legacy Lakes PUD preliminary was passed with 80 lots on 154 acres, at 80% the allowable density. However, this development is in the urban reserve ring where the densities allowed by the county are higher than what is allowed at the northern edge of the Driggs impact area.  This kind of density pattern is very problematic and runs contrary to preserving the rural character of the county and reinforcing existing development in and around the cities.  

Rolling Hills Estates subdivision concept was passed with 23 lots on 222.7 acres.  This public hearing packed the courtroom as this area has historically provided access into the Pinnacles and the surrounding national forest.  The new owners have stated that they have no problem with foot traffic, horses or bicycles but are concerned that motorized use will disturb the neighborhood.  Emotions ran high and the P&Z passed the concept on the condition that the access issues are resolved by the preliminary stage.  

Zone change request by Jackson Hole Log Homes

Jackson Hole Log Homes, which is located along Highway 33, had requested a zone change to C-2 zoning to accommodate doing log home kit construction on their site, which currently has a conditional use permit.  However, the P&Z were unsure whether C-2 would be the correct zoning and in the end decided that the operation should reapply for a zone change to C-3.  VARD argued that since without a preferred land use map the county has not planned for where C-2 and C-3 should be located, why not allow the requested use under the existing CUP.  


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