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Letter to be sent to MD Nursery; Nethercott Acres Final Plat Approval; Scenic River Estates remanded back to P&Z; Silver Dollar Subdivision Approved

At this hearing, BOCC approved two subdivisions totaling 30 lots on 88.7 acres.

Letter to MD Nursery
The commissioners directed the Planning Administrator to send notice to MD Nursery that their permit will be investigated and reviewed by the county. Although the issues were discussed at the P&Z hearing, the commissioners emphasized that the letter should state that no tacit or implied approvals have been given to MD for their current uses.

Nethercott Acres Final Plat Approved
This is a traditional Ag2.5 subdivision totaling 3 lots on 8.1 acres located at 375 South and 100 West. This subdivision was approved without incident except for the commissioners did ask the developer to include the $400/lot road improvement donation on their development agreement. The subdivision application stated that the developer “anticipated” making the donation and that it would be included in the development agreement.  

Scenic River Estates Final Plat Remanded
This is a 51 lot PUD located on 160 acres near Buxton Bridge about a ½ mile from the Teton River. It is zoned Ag2.5. Several resident s commented about the need for the developer to improve the roads around the development in order to accommodate the increase in traffic. Many residents feel that Bates Road is extremely unsafe in this area, and one resident shared a very sad story of her family personally experiencing a death on this section of road. One concerned resident stated that her public notice stated the wrong dates for the hearing, and that the planning office staff incorrectly told her the hearing would not be held until April.

VARD commented on the need for better open space design and expressed concern about the high density of septic fields and wells closely abutting the river corridor. VARD recommended new ordinances that would explore other kinds of sewage and culinary water systems.

This subdivision was remanded back to the P&Z for a traffic study to be completed as originally requested by the P&Z commission. One issue of frustration for the developer was that the P&Z commission minutes indicate that the commission wanted a portion of the $400/lot donation to pay for the traffic study and this was to be facilitated by the county Planning Administrator. The logic was that a large-scale study needed to be completed for this area and all incoming developers should help fund this study. Thus, the Scenic River Estates developer understood that their part was to pay the donation and that the study would be completed under the auspices of the Planning Administrator.  However, no action appears to have been taken by the Administrator. The commissioners directed that a traffic study be completed based on whatever was the original intent of the P&Z commission.  

Silver Dollar Subdivision 1 Final Plat Approved

This is a standard Rural Reserve 2.5 subdivision totaling 27 lots on 80.6 acres located by 400 North and 450 West. Commissioner Stevenson expressed frustration that for the second month in a row there were errors in the public notice for this subdivision. The commissioners also expressed frustration with the need for a better county development agreement template to help the county manage these contracts. VARD commented on the thorough water rights presentation given by the developer as an example of what every new development should present. This plat was approved.


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