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Landfill Closure Update; Winter Maintenance of County Roads; Capital Improvement Plan Update; Richardson to Remain on PUD Working Group;  School District on costs of growth; Sheriff's Dept report;


Landfill Closure Update
The county is investigating soil moisture monitoring systems and vector control procedures for the cap on top of the closed landfill. The Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) requires that the county monitor the soil cap to ensure that animals do not burrow down into the landfill, and leachate does not escape from the cap. As a part of this monitoring process, the county will need to drill 3 additional monitoring wells in the vicinity of the landfill. 

Transfer Station Update
Construction of the transfer station is proceeding without a hitch. 

Winter Maintenance of County Roads
A winter road maintenance request on 100 East at 700 North raised the issue of when it is appropriate for the county to maintain a road. VARD has consistently highlighted the difficulty and high proportional cost of maintaining roads to many remote subdivisions throughout the county. Commissioner Stevenson expressed her desire to develop a clear policy for determining when county roads will be maintained, so that the Board of County Commissioners will not have to decide on an ad hoc basis. 

Capital Improvement Plan Update
Hofman Planning, the firm hired by the county to produce the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP), met with the commissioners to ask for direction on what they should focus on for possible areas to be addressed by impact fees.  Having a CIP is a legal requirement and necessary tool for assessing impact fees to developers.  Some of the items identified by the commissioners were the fairgrounds, a countywide pathways system with a focus on connecting Driggs and Tetonia, Emergency Medical Services and future wastewater management systems.

Richardson to Remain on PUD Working Group
At Commissioner Trupp’s request, Andy Richardson will remain on the PUD working group after his P&Z term ends this month. Because Mr. Richardson was not reappointed to the P&Z, he would typically no longer serve on the working group. The commissioners agreed to make an exception to this rule, bringing the total number of working group members up to 15 people.

School District Reports on Costs of Growth
School District #401 presented a detailed report of the costs incurred by the district because of increasing enrollment from new developments. School Superintendent Gordon Woolley reminded the commissioners that the district cannot legally require any form of donation from developers. The aim of the fiscal report is to provide an eye opening, and accurate accounting of the true costs incurred by the district as a result of increased enrollment. The report will hopefully compel developers to provide donations to offset these costs. According the district’s accounting, each housing lot developed costs the school district $11,852 in school facilities construction.  

Gravel Pit Auction Results
The highest bid in the county gravel pit auction was $220,000 for the 9-acre property. The minimum bid required was $80,000.  The commissioners are reviewing the bill of sale for finalization. 

Sheriff’s Department Report
The Teton County Sheriff’s Department gave a detailed and sobering accounting of the financial and organizational troubles within the department. Funding shortages, understaffing, and a lack of training opportunities have resulted in a high turnover rate of officers, and a general feeling that they are ill-prepared for their positions. Another chief concern is understaffing and the inability of the department to respond in a timely manner to incidents throughout the county. The department is seeking to make significant internal changes as well as garner more funding from the county to overhaul their program and build their relationship with the community.


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