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Jackson Hole Auto Brokers and need for CUP enforcement; Koch Dog Grooming CUP; Road vacations in Felt

Jackson Hole Auto Brokers CUP Approved, and the Need for CUP Enforcement is Exposed
This was a CUP application submitted by Corky Walker of Jackson Hole Auto Brokers to operate a used car lot in lot 66 of the Rocky Road industrial subdivision located off of Highway 33 between 200 and 300 South. When asked by the commissioners, the president of the Rocky Road HOA stated that there are no fencing or berming requirements in the CCRs for this subdivision, and thus county had no recourse to make the residents build a fence. VARD commented that it was unfortunate that an industrial subdivision was ever allowed in the scenic corridor, but that the requested use was appropriate for Rocky Road, an industrial subdivision zoned manufacturing. VARD also expressed concern with the amount of outdoor lighting being proposed on the lot, and the high number of cars (64) that would be parked on the ½ acre lot. Another neighbor also commented that the light pollution from this subdivision violates county ordinances.

During the deliberation, Commissioner Heileson stated that when this subdivision was approved (she sat on the commission at the time) screening and fencing was a requirement in the CCRs and the development agreement because there was great concern about how this industrial park would affect the neighbors to the south. Because there is currently no fencing or screening presently in place, all of the Rocky Road lot owners on the south are in violation of this agreement. The commissioners then placed several conditions on the approval of this CUP such as (1) business hours will be from 7am to 7pm, Monday thru Saturday, (2) a 6 foot screening fence shall be erected, (3) the county dark sky ordinances shall be enforced, and (4) the original CCRs shall be enforced. The applicant, Corky Walker stated that he never had to go through such rules in Jackson (because his business was a grandfathered use), he ought to have the right to run his business whenever he pleased, and that the privacy fence would be an unsightly, stupid requirement. Chairman Hensel reminded Walker that if the commission required a screening fence to be erected and maintained, then the applicant would be required to adhere to this and keep the fence in good condition. VARD commends Commissioner Heileson for remembering her promise to the residents south of this subdivision that there would be a fence built to screen their view of the industrial buildings, and they outdoor lighting would be screened away from them. While the applicant has a right to run his car business, it is only a conditioned use. The rights of the adjacent property owners were defended by Commissioner Heileson’s efforts to uphold conditions that were already in place.  The fact that the current landowners in the subdivision have so far been able to operate without the required screening in place, again points to the need for the county to have an enforcement officer.  The county’s conditions and requirements are meaningless if not enforced.

Koch Dog Grooming/Training CUP Approved

This was a CUP application for a dog grooming/training business on 19.8 acres located at 5 East and 400 South near the Teton Valley Riding Arena. VARD spoke in support of this CUP for several reasons: (1) this type discrete, homespun business is the appropriate use of a CUP, (2) the 20 acre property is large enough for the use, (3) the location by the arena is appropriate for the use, and (4) a hunting dog obedience school fits our valley’s rural character. VARD also supported this CUP because it will not be a noisy and crowded kennel facility, but primarily a small day-time obedience school. The owners will only occasionally house 4-5 dogs at a time, and they will be kept in indoor, soundproofed kennels. The commission voted to approve this CUP with several conditions such as a 12-dog limit, and soundproofing requirements for the kennels.

Road Vacations in Felt Approved
Two applications were reviewed to vacate alleyways within the Felt Townsite. The first application was submitted by Mr. Samuel Villa, to vacate the alley that lies between lots 6-16 and lots 5 and 17. It was approved without incident.  Mr. Denny Arnold commented in favor of both applications because the alleys were never meant for daily access, they are too narrow for practical use, and winter maintenance is very difficult. 

The second application was submitted by Mr. Carlos Leon to vacate the alley that lies between lots 6-10 and lot 5. Although he just had his alley vacated, Villa was opposed to the Leon alley vacation because he was building a house in the area that would be affected. Leon rebutted that Villa already had several methods of accessing his property independent of the narrow alleyway, and several sections of the alley were already vacated, including the section that Villa just had vacated. In addition, Leon wanted to unify his property into one parcel without an alley running through it because it was safer for his children. Commissioner Steele moved that the application be tabled until Villa and Leon resolved the access issues, but only Commissioners Carter and Wagener supported the motion with Steele. The commissioners then approved a motion to vacate the Leon alley.



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