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J Lazy H presentation, Canyon Creek hearing and Silver Dollar II hearing postponed; Tetonia Properties gravel pit recommended for approval; Gilroy duplex CUP and Kincaid four-plex CUP recommended for denial

J Lazy H, Canyon Creek and Silver Dollar items postponed
Due to illnesses, only three of the seven P&Z commissioners attended Tuesday’s P&Z Commission meeting.  County prosecuting attorney Bart Birch advised that since the P&Z is a recommending board only and does not make any final decisions they could proceed with their agenda. However, everyone on the agenda was given the option of postponing their hearing until there was a quorum of the commission.   On Tuesday, April 15th the P&Z will hold a special meeting to consider the following items that chose to wait:

-J Lazy H Ranch presentation (not a public hearing) from 5-6pm
-Canyon Creek Preliminary Plat public hearing at 6pm
-Silver Dollar II after Canyon Creek Ranch

VARD encourages you to attend Tuesday’s meeting to learn more about J Lazy H Ranch and to learn about and comment on Canyon Creek Ranch.  A letter from Idaho Department of Fish & Game on Canyon Creek Ranch details their concern that “such a large scale development in a critical wildlife habitat area will have significant negative impacts on wildlife habitat and populations.” The letter offers some recommendations for addressing these concerns and also urges that “The cumulative effects of this proposed development and other developments proposed on over 20,000 acres between Canyon Creek in Madison County and Poleline Road in Teton County should be considered and evaluated.” 

The following items were heard on Tuesday night:

Tetonia Properties Gravel Pit CUP recommended for approval
The P&Z recommended approval of a gravel pit CUP for this property located at Gridline 900 North and State Highway 32 and surrounded by other gravel pits.  The P&Z made their recommendation conditional upon limiting hours of operation from 7am to 7pm and lighting being restricted to those hours. In addition the P&Z specified that no batch plant could operate at the site and asked the owner to provide a detailed reclamation plan for when the gravel pit operation would end.  

Gilroy CUP for a duplex recommended for denial
Paul Gilroy requested a CUP for a duplex on his property at 148 East 200 South, Driggs. VARD opposed the CUP because it would create a high-density island of development that is not in character with the surrounding rural area and would be at odds with the comprehensive plan, which states that “higher density developments should be located within or near their [the cities’] areas of impact.”  In addition, since this property has previously been divided, approval of this duplex circumvents the one-time lot split limitation and creates a higher housing density than the underlying Ag2.5 zoning. Neighbors to the property also testified in opposition to the CUP.  The P&Z recommended denial of the CUP.

Kincaid CUP for a four-plex recommended for denial
Robert Kincaid applied for a CUP to build a four-plex at the nearby location of 156 East 200 South. VARD opposed this CUP for reasons similar to the Gilroy CUP, as did the neighbors. The P&Z recommended denial of the CUP.   


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