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Impact area agreement with county; VARD offers to help fund comprehensive planning process; developer interest

Impact Area
Although this meeting was noticed as a joint meeting between the city council and the planning and zoning commission, only one member of the P&Z attended the meeting.   The city council did meet with county Planning Administrator, Kurt Hibbert, about the city’s area of impact agreement with the county.   He presented the current impact area according to the county’s records.  The agreement mirrors the agreement that the county is seeking with the other two cities and gives the city the power to determine how land is developed near the city.   The current impact area is at least two times the size of the current city.  There is widespread agreement that the impact area is too large in some areas and Kurt Hibbert suggested that it should only be as large as the land that the city foresees annexing in the next five years.  He suggested that the city approve he impact area agreement now and look at the boundaries of the impact area later.  

Kurt Hibbert also recommended that the city get their preferred land use map done as soon as possible to ensure good land use planning for the future.  

VARD offers to help find funds to help with comprehensive planning process
The council read a letter from VARD in which VARD offered to help the city of Tetonia procure grant money to be used for hiring a consultant to help with the comprehensive planning process and/or for VARD itself to grant the city money towards the comprehensive planning process.  The letter specified that this offer came with no strings attached but as with all grantors VARD would expect the city to be accountable for spending the money on what it was intended for.   Council members expressed interest in the offer but no final decision was made to accept it.

Developer asks about sewer
A developer interested in doing a small development in Tetonia attended the meeting to ask the council about the possibility of hooking up to the city sewer, which is currently at capacity and in violation of DEQ requirements, according to DEQ. This has been a frequent occurrence in recent months and points to the fact that Tetonia is coming under the same growth pressures as the rest of Teton County and that the sooner they are equipped to channel those growth opportunities the better off the community will be. 


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