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Grouse Landing PUD Hearing Continued

This was a very interesting hearing. One of the last remaining PUDs being reviewed under the old subdivision/PUD ordinance, Grouse Landing is proposed as a 15-lot planned unit development (PUD) on 40 acres at approximately 4500N and 1500E. There are 17 subdivisions in the immediate area.  Eleven of them are completely empty with not a single house, and the remaining 6 subdivisions contain only a few houses. Across the street is a 29-year old subdivision with only 2 houses built out of 27 lots. According the County planning department’s records, there are 7,005 vacant subdivision lots platted in the rural county, and this PUD could bring the total up to 7,020 vacant lots.

With the above information in mind, P&Z expressed a very real, very logical, concern that if approved, the lots in this subdivision would sit for years, if not decades. A big focus of their deliberation was how to mitigate the trickle down negative impacts if this development should languish for years. This is the first time P&Z has deliberated on a project with an acknowledged concern that the project may fail and negatively impact the area. P&Z unanimously continued this application and directed the applicant to come back with a plan for mitigating any negative impacts should this project go under like so many other developments in the valley. 

*In addition to the land management concerns raised at the hearing, a noticing error for the hearing that was held would require the P & Z to rehear the preliminary plat application next month anyway. 


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