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Grouse Landing, Driggs Impact Area, Title 9 Changes

December 14th County Planning & Zoning (P&Z) Meeting Reports
Grouse Landing recommended for approval to Board of County Commissioners
This controversial application is one of the very last Planned Unit Development (PUD) applications trying to get entitled under the now notorious 2007 PUD ordinance. This was a remand hearing for P&Z to review the open space configuration of this 15-lot PUD proposed on just less than 40 acres. Nine neighbors wrote letters of opposition to this project citing visual impact concerns. In an effort to address these letters, P&Z recommended small limitations on the size of the guesthouses allowed on the property and denied smaller setbacks between homes. One troubling issue was that P&Z based their recommendations on a miscalculation of the base zoning. The commission concluded that because the project proposed the same number of lots as allowed under the 2.5-acres zoning, they could not impose stringent conditions on this PUD. The problem with this math is that base-density zoning still requires roads to be factored out of the acreage calculations. Thus, this PUD actually included a 1-2 lot (7-14%) density bonus above what the base zoning would have allowed on the property. In addition, two houses may be built on each lot. If P&Z had realized this, perhaps they would have affirmed their earlier recommendation of no guesthouses on the property to ensure that only fifteen homes are ever built in this PUD.
County P&Z recommends approval of Driggs’ proposed impact area changes
Driggs City planner Doug Self presented the proposed changes to the Impact Area as recommended by the Driggs P&Z on December 8th (see above). At this hearing, the city and county planners discussed how to implement the Area of Interest so that it would not place an administrative burden on the county. The county agreed to notify Driggs of all land use applications in the Area of Interest, but the burden then falls on the city to request a complete copy of the application itself. The county P&Z commission then recommended approval of these changes.

P&Z wraps up Title 9 changes
It took 3 months of hearings, but P&Z has finally finished reviewing their recommended changes to the county subdivision approvals process including giving developers more time to complete the entitlement process. In exchange, the county would no longer allow plat recordation or the pre-selling of lots before infrastructure is complete. In light of the new world of restricted bank lending, P&Z also recommended amending financing requirements to allow for cash bonds.


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