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Gravel Pit Auction; Landfill/Transfer Station; Teton Creek Bridge Improvements; Future stoplights; Animal Control; Mosquito Abatement

Gravel Pit Auction Update.

The Victor gravel pit, which was owned by the county, was sold at auction to a final bidder for $220,000. Because the property was originally acquired through a tax levy, Idaho law requires that the proceeds from the auction will be divided up pro-rata between the taxing districts that were in existence at the time of the 1957 levy. The final numbers are still being determined, but the bulk of the profits will go to the school district, and the remained to the county general fund and cemetery district.

Landfill Closure Update.

The landfill closure is almost complete, and final monitoring programs are still being installed as required by the Department of Environmental Quality.

Permanent Transfer Station Update

The permanent transfer station will be operational by this summer. The county is discussing how to facilitate this transition with Terra Firma, the company contracted to run the interim transfer station until October of 2008.

Teton Creek Bridge Improvements

The county has elected to use the $200,000 road improvement donation from Driggs Centre to improve the Teton Creek Bridge at Baseline Road. One issue is the proper span to build the new bridge to make the bridge safer at flood stage. Upstream, there are houses built in the floodplain which may be affected if flood flows are constricted at the bridge. Harmony Design and Friends of the Teton River are currently working on the floodplain modeling.

Possible Future Stoplight along Warbird Lane

The county is exploring locations for future stoplights to accommodate major intersections in the valley. Placing a stoplight at the intersection of Warbird Lane and Highway 33 was discussed.

Update on Dog Shooting Investigation and Animal Control Ordinances.

The deputy who shot the dog in Felt is still on paid leave as the investigation by the Attorney General’s Office and the Tri-County Sheriff’s department is ongoing. A proposed ordinance to increase the fines for licensing and animal-at-large infractions will be published in the Teton Valley News on April 17, 2008. Because the fines are akin to criminal fines, state law dictates that the money goes back to the state. The county is exploring a way to implement the fines so the money will stay in Teton County.

Mosquito Abatement

A mosquito abatement district will be on the ballot this November. If adopted by the voters, the tax levy will include real property, and agricultural land will not be exempted.





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